Jan 032020

2000 Mercedes S430

Airmatic relay and fuse do not have power. All other fuses have power. Why would these two things not be supplying power?

Could be a faulty connection or faulty module. Check the wiring for continuity. Use the provided diagram below to help assist in understanding the circuit.



Wiring Diagram Legend
  • N51 – AIRmatic Control Module
  • A9/1 – AIRmatic compressor unit
  • A9/1m1 – AIRmatic compressor motor
  • A9/1y1 – AIRmatic pressure reduction valve
  • K40/7 – Fuse and Relay
  • K40/7kO – Air Compressor Relay
  • K40/7f32 – Fuse 32
  • X4/10 – Terminal block and fuse box (circuit 30 and 61)
  • X4/10f3 – Fuse 3
How to Replace the AIR Shocks with conventional shocks

Problem with starting Mercedes ml 270cdi

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Jul 312019

mercedez ml

Hi.have problem with starting..replaced the injectors and the sensors and the diesel presure pump..run only for 2 km..only start with a spray of quickstart..plz help Computer shows no fault


  1. Could be air in the fuel lines, quite common. Olives eventually harden and let air in.
    1. or a injector leaking off too much fuel

    What year is your vehicle?

Accidentally put gasoline in my diesel Van

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Jul 122019

 SprinterHow far can this Mercedes Benz Diesel Sprinter van travel with gas inside the tank or a mix of gas and diesel?

Not very far without risking damage. It would depend on the mixture. Lets say you had one gallon of gas and 20 gallons of diesel. You might make it through and just need to replace the fuel filter. I would think much more than that and you are left along side the road. Not a good idea to mix.

Mixing the two is not a good idea. The diesel engine would ignite prematurely which can cause internal damage to the engine. Damage may also occur in the fuel pump and mess up the fuel injectors.

Gasoline is a by product left over from when diesel was made. In the beginning this by product was just dumped to the wayside.

93 Mercedes 190e cooling fan

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Mar 112019

Where is the cooling fan switch located?

The manual is showing the engine has a viscous fan clutch(clutch fan). This would mean the fan clutch turns the fan initially until it reaches a certain temperature.

Nov 042018

2010 Mercedes-Benz E350

I did a scan for codes with an OBDII Scantool for Mercedes only N code came up a10d00 saying power supply too low(stored) N. The next one read 9a4f13 right KEYLESS GO has a malfunction. THERE IS N OPEN CIRCUIT. CURRENT N STORED HOW DO I FIX IT

Did not find any reference to the second code you mentioned. However, there is a Technical Service Bulletin out related to this code A10D00. It refers a wiring harness being damaged in the area of the roof frame.  This could affect one or all of the following areas:

  • Overhead control panel nonfunctional
  • Bluetooth nonfunctional
  • Multi-function camera nonfunctional or , malfunctions

TSB Reference Number: LI54.18-P-048131, Date of Issue: November 20, 2009 – The entire TSB along with step by step corrective procedures and pictures are included in each manual. – Purchase Manual

Fault Code A10D00

Mercedes-Benz Code A10D00 Description – The power supply is too low.

Control Unit: MFK – Multi-function camera (A40/11)(MPC212)


Radio come on but no sound 2004 Mercdes ML500

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Aug 242018

2004 Mercedes ML500

Radio come on but no sound, I check fuse is there a fiber optic fuse or what could it be?

Radio come on but no sound

I will provide you with the radio wiring diagram to use for diagnostics. If the problem is internal in the radio, replacing it would be the fix.

Radio Wiring Diagram – 2004 Mercedes ML500 (best viewed in Google Chrome Browser)