Dec 162017

2002 Ford Mondeo

Hi, my car won’t move in drive

Car won’t move in drive

First thing to check would be the transmission fluid level. If it is low, top it off and test. If it is not low, look at the color against a white paper towel. If the color looks dark or burnt then there may be internal damage. If the fluid level is full and the color is pretty pink, there may be a sticking solenoid in the transmission.

Of course there may be other things that could cause this such as a broken cv axle shaft but that isn’t very common. Another cause could be the shifter isn’t going into gear all the way. Try moving the the shifter to low and see if it will do anything. Does it move in reverse?


Dec 152017

Cadillac Coupe Deville

What can happen when you air conditioner gets charged with the wrong Freon?

Short answer: you will get this mixture of GOO, in your system, that will burn up your compressor in a very short time. Therefore R12 and r134 cannot be mixed… they are incompatible and don’t work as a mixture.

Wrong Freon

Being a 1993 the air conditioning system originally required R-12 Freon. If at anytime it was converted to R-134a Freon, the installation ports would have been changed to only accept the newer style Freon. This makes it difficult to add the wrong type of Freon.

If for some unforeseen reason the two were intermixed, the entire system will need to be flushed. The orifice tube, o-rings and accumulator will need to be replaced as well. And if the system was operated with the contaminated Freon, you may also need to replace the Compressor.


Dec 132017

Hyundai Sante Fe

What do DTC # P0301, 0304, 0500 and 0501 mean?

P0301 is a misfire code for cylinder #1 and P0304 is a misfire code for cylinder #4

Code P0301 and P0304 Probable Causes

  1. Update control unit software – Check for the latest control unit update
  2. Powertrain or Engine Control Module faulty
  3. Fuel injector(s) faulty
  4. Ignition system – Ignition module, coil, spark plugs and wires
  5. Fuel system

Hyundai Code P0500 – Vehicle Speed Sensor A

Code P0500 Probable Causes

  1. Sensor or solenoid faulty
  2. Connector terminal contact is damaged or corroded
  3. Wire harness – Check harness for correct voltage, open, short to ground or short to voltage
  4. Update control unit software – Check for the latest control unit update
  5. Powertrain or Engine Control Module faulty

Hyundai Code P0501 – Vehicle Speed Sensor A Range/Performance

Code P0501 Probable Causes


  • Sensor or solenoid faulty
  • Connector terminal contact is damaged or corroded
  • Wire harness – Check harness for correct voltage, open, short to ground or short to voltage
  • Update control unit software – Check for the latest control unit update
  • Powertrain or Engine Control Module faulty


Dec 132017

Chrysler Pacifica

Is it possible for someone to have damaged my rear compression control arm? Because I have not hit anything for it to break in half the way it did.

Rear Suspension

Anything is possible. But it would be difficult for someone to cause a small enough amount of damage in order for it to break at a later date in time. It would be more likely that a pothole or parking block covered in snow would be the culprit. Maybe someone else was driving and mistakenly forgot to mention it.

The knuckle, camber link, compression link(8) and tension link are aluminum castings. Extra care needs to be taken when servicing these components. The wheel and tire mount at the end of the knuckle(7).

Unless you have recently had some work done, I do not think anything was done to it to cause it to break.

rear suspension diagram 2004 Chrysler Pacifica

Dec 122017

1999 VW Bettle

I just bought this car and it will not idle. It runs down the road but when you let off the gas it dies.
The check engine lite was on and indicated multiple cylinder misfire. I cleared the code and while the lite has not returned the problem persists.

Some times it takes a while for a light to return where misfires are concerned. This is because the engine requires a misfire to occur a certain number of times inside a set amount of time in order to set a code. I would guess a vacuum leak of some kind. If you have the exact trouble codes feel free to post them in the comments.

VW Code P0300 – Random Cylinder Misfire Detected

VW Code P0300 Probable Causes

  • Faulty spark plug (s)
  • Faulty ignition coil (s)
  • Clogged or faulty fuel injector (s)
  • Intake air leak
  • Fuel injectors harness is open or shorted
  • Fuel Injectors circuit poor electrical connection
  • Ignition coils harness is open or shorted
  • Ignition coils circuit poor electrical connection
  • Insufficient cylinders compression
  • Incorrect fuel pressure
Dec 082017

Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo

Mechanical Wining Noise

I’m not very car savvy. My car had made some sounds that sounded like a rusty shock almost, especially when turning. Then today after pulling it into a parking spot and turning it off, it continued to make sound. The sound was like a mechanical wining (fairly loud considering the engine being off) and it slowly dropped in pitch until stopping.

Burning Smell

Towards the end of the decline in pitch a white smoke began to come out of the hood, and a burning smell (not that dissimilar to the smell of rubber became very strong and still exists within the car. The car’s battery seems to be absolutely fine but the car doesn’t respond at all when I try to start it. The oil gauge is also a little low, but I THINK I know how to check the oil and I THINK it was at a decent volume.

I have no idea, and would just love any input as to what the hell just happened. THANK YOU!

Tough to diagnose a noise without hearing it but I’ll do my best.

My first thought is a pulley locked up and caused the serpentine belt to break. I would look to see if the belt is missing or burnt in a particular spot. Possibly the bearings went out of a idler pulley or tensioner pulley.(bearing failure is quite whinny)  Or the alternator locked up. All of which are rotated with the serpentine belt. If a pulley locked up it would cause the belt to burn (emit smoke as well) as it is being pulled over it. The belt also rotates the alternator which charges the battery. So if this was the issue the alternator wouldn’t be able to perform properly and would leave you with a weak battery.

The lights and radio may come on but the engine does nothing when you try to start it. This is normal for a weak battery. The radio requires as little as 5 amps to operate, the headlights up to 30 amps and the starter requires 250 amps. Big difference there.

You’ll probably need to have the battery fully charged(or replaced if older than 4 years) and the belt replaced. This is along with whatever part failed whether its a pulley, tensioner or alternator.

Door Lock Problem 1996 GMC Suburban

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Dec 082017

Chevy Suburban

Door Lock Problem

I have a new to me Suburban, it is all power. This vehicle has a Smart Start Security System and the key fob will not lock the door. The right rear door is missing the up/down button to manually lock from inside. The right rear door will not lock using to front power lock button.

If I replace the handle/lock assembly on inside will I be able to lock the door from the inside if the actuator is bad?

Yes, if you replace all the missing “manual” components in the door. You will be able to manually lock the door. Even if the electrical actuator portion does not function.

Dec 032017

1999 Chrysler town and country

Stalls and dies

I have a 1999 Chrysler Town and Country lxi 3.8 engine. Every now and then when I come to a stop or slow down to turn my van stalls and dies. But when put in park or neutral it starts right back up with no problem. When I go to pull it into gear it stalls real quick and dies after several attempts it finally goes.

First thing to do would be to have the check engine light codes scanned. Any code stored may assist in directing you in the right direction. Post any code found below in the comments for further assistance.

Some possibilities if no codes are present may be but not limited to:

  • Dirty throttle body needs cleaned
  • Sticking or faulty IAC – Idle Air Control
  • Faulty TPS – Throttle Position Sensor
  • Faulty MAP – Manifold Absolute Prsseure Sensor
  • Vacuum leak

Engine Idle Speed

The TCM uses direct engine idle speed input and calculated engine idle speed (or target idle speed) input from the PCM over the CCD Bus. Target idle speed is compared against actual engine speed to determine the learned Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) value for closed-throttle idle.

Throttle Position Sensor

The Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) is used by the TCM to help determine shift points and shift quality. Additionally, the TPS output is spliced to the PCM for fuel control. The PCM provides a 5 volt supply and ground for the sensor. Target idle speed is compared against actual engine speed to determine the learned TPS value for closed throttle idle. This is done to correct for differences in system voltage and sensor tolerances.

If the TCM detects a faulty TPS signal, it provides continued operation of the transaxle by using the TPS value sent over the communications bus by the PCM.

Dec 012017

2003 Lincoln Town Car

I have a 2003 Lincoln Town Car Signature Premium. Great shape, low miles, excellent condition. Everything worked perfectly until yesterday! I noticed the battery terminals were corroded so I cleaned them. After I put them back on NOW the drivers side seat controls do not work, the mirror controls do not work, the air suspension light on the dash stays on and the power steering is barely working. I have checked ALL fuses (interior and exterior), checked the connections beneath the seat, the power steering fluid is full. I have disconnected the battery to let the modules reset…still nothing works. Any ideas?

Problems after cleaning battery terminals

Like you said, it was fine until you touched it. You cleaned the battery terminals which was the right thing to do. I would guess somehow some wiring got touched where it wasn’t supposed to or caused a brittle wire to break. But lets look at the wiring diagrams (provided below)of each circuit and see if we can find a connection.

Taking a quick look I can see the power mirrors and drivers power seat both share the same GROUND connection, G207. And looking at the electronic suspension and electronic power steering I can see they share the same TWO FUSES, number 8 and 10. You might want to double check those fuses not only to see if they are good, but that they have power going to them. Then check the ground connections for the rest.  If the corrosion was bad enough, there might be some additional corrosion in the battery cables themselves. If so, replacing the cables would be the next move.

  • mirror fuses 18, 30 ground G207
  • seat fuse 108 ground G207
  • electronic suspension fuses 8,10,114 and Electronic power steering connected from Air Suspension Module Pin 26 (LT GRN/BLK wire)- grounds G102 and G405
  • electronic power steering fuses 8, 10 ground G201


Power Mirrors with electronic day/night mirror wiring diagram


Drivers power seat circuit wiring diagram


Electronic suspension wiring diagram


Electronic power steering wiring diagram

Nov 292017

2004 Acura MDX

Would you consider the camshaft oil seal to be an internal engine part?

I am sure some would say it is and others would say it isn’t. The others would be the warranty company looking to avoid paying.

One could argue that the oil seal can be changed without the need for opening up the engine. However the timing belt has to be removed along with the back cover. So if the timing belt is considered an internal engine component then the camshaft seal would also have to be considered internal.

My opinion is the camshaft oil seal is an internal engine component. I am basing this opinion on the replacement procedure of the oil seal itself according to the auto repair manual procedure. The new camshaft oil seal is to be installed first and then the camshaft into it. This means the camshaft needs to be removed before hand. And there is no denying the camshaft is internal. I will ad the auto repair manual procedure so you can get a better idea of what I am talking about.

Camshaft Oil Seal Replacement – 2004 Acura MDX

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