2002 Seat Ibiza 1.9tdi pd130 hardly turns over

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Oct 272017

2002 Seat Ibiza

Hi, I have a Seat Ibiza 1.9tdi pd130 2002 the car hardly turns over sounds like batteries dead/dying but has plenty of life, the RAC suggested was starter motor got that replaced and still the same, jump start doesn’t work but bump starts no problem, and noticed to day that fan in car cut off for a second quite few times, any suggestions.

Hardly turns over

Sounds like a bad cell in the battery. Replacing the battery should take care of this issue. A load tester would be needed to make sure but even then the test is not 100% all the time. If the battery is even close to being 4 years old it is reason enough to go ahead and replace it.

2004 Chevy Venture Tail Light Circuit Board Issue

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Oct 272017

2004 Chevy Venture

Tail light problems

I have a 2004 Chevy Venture experiencing issues with the driver side (left) tail light circuit board. The brake light bulb, left turn signal bulb, and reverse indicator bulb aren’t working. Both the top and bottom running light(s) bulbs are working when activated, however when the left turn signal and/or hazard lights are activated, instead of the left turn signal bulb turning on, both the top and bottom running lights flash in sync with the turn signals.

Tonight I’m going to temporarily swap the driver and passenger side tail light circuit boards to see what happens. Any ideas on where the issue might be? Vehicle electronics isn’t my strong suit. Any suggestions and/or advice would be greatly appreciated! It’s my understanding that tail light electrical issues with the 2004 Chevy Venture (and other GM Mini vans from this same generation) are quite common.

This may be the case of installing the wrong bulb or the circuit board is faulty. A 3057 bulb is different than a 3157 bulb. Check this first. You are right that this year vehicle has had its share of tail light problems. The most common fix is replacing the tail light circuit board assemblies.

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2004 Hyundai Sonata camshaft sensor wiring

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Oct 262017

2004 Hyundai Sonata

I am trying to reconnect the camshaft position sensor connector back up after breaking it, and I didn’t get a chance to see what positions the wires were in on the connector Harness. I have three wires. One is Brown, and two are black. Of the two black ones, one has 5 on it and the other has .5 on it. Can you help provide me with a diagram of who the wires are positioned.

On the sensor pins 1 is Black, 2 is Black and 3 is Pink. Number 2 pin Black wire connects to the PCM on pin #16. A continuity tester can be used to confirm.

2004 Hyundai Sonata Wiring Diagram

(best viewed in Google Chrome or Firefox)

Oct 242017

2005 Ford Explorer

Engine will just die

This vehicle runs well and has plenty of power, but occasionally the engine will just die. It can happen at 10 mph or 60 mph. It will crank back up and run. Appears to be an intermittent problem. Pulled two codes from the computer:
P1633 KAM (Keep Alive Memory) Voltage Too Low
P0462 Fuel Level Sensor Low Input

I don’t know that these codes have anything to do with the problem we’re having with the vehicle. I’ve checked some of the simple stuff like making sure there is plenty of fuel in the tank, and I checked the battery voltage (a good 12.6 volts).

What do you think?

I wouldn’t think that these codes have anything to do with the engine intermittently dying on you. Unfortunately this is one of the most difficult problems to diagnose. If the engine wouldn’t restart it would be as simple as just figuring out if it isn’t getting fuel or spark. But since it starts right back up it make it that much more difficult. I would guess a loose connection or a failing sensor. As for which one, difficult to tell. Unfortunately in this case it would be more cost effective to let the problem get worse in order to know exactly what to repair/replace. No need to through parts at it if you don’t have to.

What does code P1633 mean?

P1633 means that the powertrain control module (PCM) has detected low voltage on the keep alive memory circuit. This is the circuit that supplies constant battery voltage to the keep alive memory portion of the PCM so it can retain information regarding fuel control, idle control and transmission control adaptive strategies to name a few. If the battery is disconnected or voltage drops below 10.5 volts this code will be set. If the battery has not been disconnected then the circuit will need to be checked for opens or high resistance in the wire, shorts, blown fuse, high voltage r/f interference from ignition or charging system components, or the PCM being being faulty itself.

Ford Code P1633

KAM Volt Low

Code P1633 Probable Causes

  1. Sensor or solenoid faulty
  2. Connector terminal contact is damaged or corroded
  3. Wire harness – Check harness for correct voltage, open, short to ground or short to voltage
  4. Update control unit software – Check for the latest control unit update
  5. Powertrain or Engine Control Module faulty
  6. Battery voltage low

Ford Code P0462

Fuel level sensor A circuit low input

Code P0462 Probable Causes

  1. Sensor or solenoid faulty
  2. Connector terminal contact is damaged or corroded
  3. Wire harness – Check harness for correct voltage, open, short to ground or short to voltage
  4. Update control unit software – Check for the latest control unit update
  5. Powertrain or Engine Control Module faulty
  6. Battery voltage low

Sources: Justanswer, Chilton

Oct 242017

Pontiac Torrent

Loud whining sound

Loud whining sound seems to coming from the back of my car. Start hearing it at about 30mph up to about 60mph. It may be at higher speeds too, not sure if it’s road noise covering it or that it’s not as loud. Best description is like when Honda civics are retrofitted with a muffler that makes a really annoying high pitch sound. Only mine is heard in the car. Not sure if it’s heard outside car. Thank you

Oct 242017

2002 Dodge Ram 1500

Oil pressure gauge drops to zero then back to half normal pressure after engine warms up. Has good pressure when first cranked ? Is oil sending unit on exterior or interior of motor ?

Most common cause for this would be a faulty oil pressure sending unit. It is a fairly in expensive part and would be the first place to look. Check the connections and if any sign of oil is around, replace it.

Oil Pressure Sensor Description

The 3–wire, solid-state engine oil pressure sensor (sending unit) is located in an engine oil pressure gallery.


The oil pressure sensor uses three circuits. They are:

  • A 5–volt power supply from the Powertrain Control Module (PCM)
  • A sensor ground through the PCM’s sensor return
  • A signal to the PCM relating to engine oil pressure

The oil pressure sensor has a 3–wire electrical function very much like the Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor. Meaning different pressures relate to different output voltages.

A 5–volt supply is sent to the sensor from the PCM to power up the sensor. The sensor returns a voltage signal back to the PCM relating to engine oil pressure. This signal is then transferred (bussed) to the instrument panel on either a CCD or PCI bus circuit (depending on vehicle line) to operate the oil pressure gauge and the check gauges lamp. Ground for the sensor is provided by the PCM through a low-noise sensor return.

Oct 242017

Dodge Grand Caravan

I can’t fix my spongy brakes. I have replaced all brake pads, master cylinder, a rear caliper and have bled it several times to no success. Someone tells me to change the brake booster but that doesn’t seem correct. How do I fix this?

Brake pedal feels spongy or has excessive travel

  1. Check the brake fluid level and condition. If the fluid is contaminated or has not been flushed every two years, clean the master cylinder reservoir, and bleed and flush the brakes using fresh brake fluid that meets the manufacturer’s recommended standards.
  2. Check for a weak or damaged flexible brake hydraulic hose. Replace the hose and flush the brake system.
  3. If the brake system uses drum brakes front or rear, check the brake adjustment. Inspect for seized adjusters and clean or replace, then properly adjust.


Oct 232017

2008 Toyota Yaris

What does it take to repair a right turn signal that won’t self-cancel?

Turn Signal Switch Removal

Replacing the combination switch assembly will be required. This will require the removal of the steering wheel pad and wheel. Then removing the upper and lower column covers.

steering wheel removal 2008 Toyota Yaris

  • Disengage the clamp indicated by the arrow in the illustration.
  • Remove the turn signal switch assembly with spiral cable from the steering column assembly.

turn signal removal diagram 2008 Toyota Yaris