Aug 272015

Having problems with intermittent electrical activities while going down the road, such as door locks opening and closing repeatably, horn going off, wipers trying to start up, flasher lights going off, and once total shut down of everything. signal lights, horn etc. Doesn’t seem to affect the engine or transmission, just the other electrical items. A local shop thinks there is a bad ground somewhere. Can’t get it to read out on his dignostic machine. Any help out there that might help me resolve the issue?

Aug 252015

When idling for extended periods, engine will die. Will restart and repeat issue several times, then runs fine. When issue started, turning off AC compressor would help, but now it has started doing it when AC is off. Just had oil change, replaced air filter, and tried a fuel injection cleaner to recent gas fill. Frequency of issue is increasing. What could it be?

Jul 212015

My 2004 Saturn ION shuts down the engine when I turn on my headlights or turn on the wipers or horn the horn and also if I put it into reverse. What do you think the problem is I am having with it?

Jun 012015

I believe i need to replace my thermostat but i can not find a diagram showing me where it is. my car is driving warm but not over heating and the fluids are fine. it is throwing a code saying air flow problem. i need help fixing my car so i can get my new yearly sticker.

Apr 012015

Went to drive from a stop and heard clunk then it wouldn’t move. Goes into gear with and without clutch. When in gear it doesn’t move but the CV axles walking in its boot. The axle doesn’t move and the CV joints good. When looking where the axle goes into the tranny there’s two rings that move freely and sloppily. One of them has splines where the axle goes through it. What are those rings? Are they supposed to move or be stationary? And what is a possible cause and solution of this?

Mar 252015

My car will not start , I tries giving it a jump and thats not it . the battery is good but the car just won’t start , can you help me ?