Mar 162015

I’m having trouble with my car stalling on me. It starts back after about 10-15 minutes.Can you tell me what to do?

Feb 072015

my odometer has been resetting every time i turn off the car is there a way to recover all the millage put on the car and is there a way to fix it

Sep 222014

Hi, I have a 2007 Saturn vue 3.5 v6 FWD and it just started having a power loss issue sometimes when I start it up the past couple weeks. It starts up just fine and the engine continues to run. But I lose dash lights, radio power, electric power steering, and also the dome light goes out with the door open. That’s just what ive noticed loses power so far. So when I turn the key to the starter position everything temporarily goes dark like it’s meant to but when I release back to the run position everything comes on for a split second but goes dark again. Sometimes it all starts blinking on and off. So I turn it back off. After a few more tries turning the key off then back on then starting it again everything stays on and works fine. Only usually happens in the morning but has happened more than once in the same day. Turning to the run position, waiting a few seconds, then starting seemed to help avoid the problem but failed today when trying to start. Tried replacing ignition switch, checked all fuses, and disconnected battery to try and reset the computer. Installed a new alternator about a month ago but don’t think that has anything to do with it seeing this just started a week or 2 ago. Any thoughts?

Jun 022014

i have to press the gas petal down all the way to start it, then idle it a little bit. it hesitates at take offs. if it doesn’t start the first time, it takes a while to get it started again. sometimes i have to let it set for an hour or so. when it starts it chokes and spudders till it finally gets going, that’s with the gas petal down all the way. i changed the spark plugs, fuel filter, and idle air control valve. any ideas?

May 212014

When driving over 50mph, my front tires are making a thumping noise& feel like they’re shaking & wobbling. I was told rims were bent, & replaced the front ones, but not yet the back. The car is still experiencing same problem, but not as bad as before. Also, when I turn wheel slightly to right or left, it stops. Could the back rims, still in need of replacement, be causing these probes in the front? Or could it be a whole different issue?

Mar 032014

This all happened within a couple of miles of driving home. First the air conditioner stopped blowing cold air. Then the battery light came on. Then there was some white smoke. I had to stop the engine at a store. When I started again, the engine almost didn’t turn over but it did start. But the idling was high as I left the parking lot. The final half mile home, the engine was jerky and the speedometer was stuck on 55 mph no matter what the actual speed, and the RPM was stuck on 3 (30,000?) no matter what speed.

Oct 012012

I have a 01 Saturn L 300 with the 3.0 with approximately 176,000 miles. My dash where the CD player and heater controls are was kicked it smashing them. The problem I am having is right after that happened my battery seemed like it was dead. No lights nothing. I just tried to jump start it and it will turn over but will not catch and fire up. I double checked fuel pressure and fuel pump and both work fine. Would it possibly be the security kicking in or some other problem? Any ideas on what it may be an how to fix it? Please and thank you!