Mar 112017

4 Things an engine needs in order to runMy 2000 Saturn SL2 will crank but wont turn over. I changed fuel pump and filter, crank sensor, ETC sensor, starter, spark plugs are good. A few months ago we changed the ignition coil. Why wont this car start?


4 Things an Engine Needs in order to Run

  1. Spark
  2. Fuel – fuel pressure and fuel injector pulse
  3. Compression
  4. Timing – All of the above at the right time

Knowing the 4 things an engine needs in order to run lets us know what to look for. Or better yet look for whats missing. If you know you have spark you may try spraying starter fluid in the air filter. If the engine tries to run on the starter fluid you know the problem is fuel related. And now you can concentrate on the problem system. When the engine doesn’t want to start on starting fluid the next step would be to confirm no spark at the spark plugs.

Engine still won’t start

I have created a handy no start diagnostic chart for just such an occasion.

Check Engine Light On

Of course if the check engine light is on it would be a benefit to know why. For your vehicle though a scan tool will be needed.



Dec 132016

2006 Saturn IonBought car no key, had to change out steering column got new key. Won’t turn over or start.


Check for battery positive at the “S” terminal on the starter while someone holds the ignition key in the “START” position. If you see battery voltage, replace the starter. Otherwise you will need to trace the wiring to determine why it is not getting voltage. I’ll provide a wiring diagram for the starting system. It may be a good idea to double check your work to make certain you did not leave something disconnected.

Nov 252016

1999 Saturn SChad to replace pcm unit. it says what causes that is voltage overload-often due to short in solenoid or actuator circuit. what does that mean?


Voltage overload is when a larger amount of voltage is seen compared to what it is normally capable of seeing.

A short is when a positive connects with a negative.

A solenoid or actuator is an electrical device that move when voltage is applied.

So what is being said is something shorted out in a solenoid or actuator circuit(the sytem in which it operates). The short caused a voltage spike(positive or negative) to the PCM – Powertrain Control Module (engine computer). And the end result was the computer was damaged.

Replace PCM

Removal Procedure

Important Record present radio stations and clock time. Disconnect negative battery cable.


  • Remove I/P upper trim panel outer cover fillers by carefully lifting up at clip locations, starting at the rear above end cap.
  • Remove I/P bolt caps by carefully prying with a small flat head screwdriver.
  • Take out I/P upper trim panel screws.
  • Lift I/P upper trim panel at clip locations on rear edge to disengage clips.
  • Pull I/P upper trim panel rearward out of clips at bottom of windshield.
  • Important Be careful when removing or replacing I/P upper trim panel, not to damage VIN plate.
  • Remove I/P upper trim panel.
  • Important Be careful when removing or replacing I/P upper trim panel, not to damage upper trim panel seal.
  • Remove I/P upper trim pad sound insulator.
  • Disconnect PCM electrical connector from under instrument panel.
  • Important Do not pull on the connectors or wires to remove the PCM. This could back out a terminal and cause an intermittent connection.
  • Loosen PCM attachment out at cross car beam and lift PCM upward (towards windshield) to disengage PCM from ABS/PCM bracket.


Sep 142016

2002 Saturn Vue’02 Saturn Vue (V6/AWD/5 Spd AT). Scanned ECM, TCM, BCM, SDM & EPS for codes. One code found U1096 with Service Wrench light illuminated (Lost communication with IPC). IPC Connector resistance to ground (B4) is less than 1 ohm and IPC Connector voltage (B2) is 12.3 V. IPC functions as it should (Both while running and KOEO bulb check). Anyone seen this before?


You will need to check power/ground in the instrument cluster and if good do a resistance test on Data wire, if good replace instrument cluster.


Code U1096 Loss Of Communication With IPC

Possible Causes Setting Conditions
  • IPC Class 2 circuit is open, shorted to ground or to voltage
  • IPC Ignition circuit has a high resistance condition
  • IPC main ground circuit(s) has a high resistance condition
  • IPC (module) may have failed and is pulling the circuit low
  • Refer to the Data Link Connector diagnostics
Key on, and a message from a learned ID number was not detected for the five seconds. Modules on the Class 2 circuit monitor for data communications during vehicle operation. When a module receives a message for critical data it records the identification number of the module sending the message for State of Health monitoring (Node Alive messages). Once a module learns an ID number, it checks for that module’s Node Alive message.

This code sets in 1 Trip(s).
This code will turn on the MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp)

Jul 012016

2002 Saturn Vuequits running while driving but starts back. Could it be the crankshaft position sensor?


This could be from a loose electrical connection. This could be from a faulty or failing engine sensor. Or could be from a failing ignition control module. The most common for this engine would be the crankshaft position sensor.

Crankshaft Position Sensor Replacement 2002 Saturn Vue 2.2L engine


  • Disconnect the negative battery cable.

crankshaft position sensor 2002 Saturn Vue


   •  Engine Harness Connection (1)
   •  Battery Feed (2)
   •  Starter Motor (3)
   •  Starter Solenoid (4)


  • Raise the vehicle.
  • Remove the 2 starter solenoid harness connector attachment nuts.
  • Remove the lower starter assembly to the engine block bolt.
  • Remove the upper starter assembly to the engine block bolt.
  • Move the starter right to clear the engine block, then left to remove the starter from the flywheel housing.
  • Disconnect the CKP Sensor harness connector.
  • Remove the CKP sensor attachment bolt and remove the CKP sensor.




Jun 072016

2006 Saturn IonI have a 06 Saturn Ion coupe automatic with 150000 miles. It has had all of its recalls, however I continue to have a problem with it stalling out at lights, stop signs or just about any time it is idling. I am at a loss of what is wrong with it, and do not have a lot of money to invest in repairs for it at this time. Any answers your could give would me much appreciated


First thing that comes to mind would be a sticking IAC – Idle Air Control or a vacuum leak that would cause the IAC to fight itself.

May 102016

2002 Saturn L200As I’m driving the car it cuts off, it doesn’t make a sound, it doesn’t hesitate cutting off and then it won’t start for about like 30 minutes. I just put a new starter on it.


Sounds like something is getting hot and shutting down and once it has a chance to cool it works again. This is common to electronic components. Most common failure component that acts like this would be the ignition control module. I have looked up the part and double checked to make sure it will fit your Saturn L200.

Dec 062015

The standard tire on this model is 225/50R17, though I want to put on it – 235/55R17. My question is.. will the 235’s fit? mainly concerned in the front and if they would touch the strut.. any help would be great.