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Jan 172017

2001 Chevy SilveradoPower Mirrors won’t work, can’t find a fuse for it on the fuse block. Is there a in line fuse some where?


There is not an inline fuse for the mirrors. It would appear, after looking at the wiring diagram, that the mirror fuse and clock fuse are one in the same. It also powers the drivers door power windows and lock switch. So if all that is working most likely the fuse is good.

Mirror Fuse Location

The fuse is located in the Fuse Block. It is a 3 amp fuse. The label should be “MIR/CLOCK”. Look under the fuse block cover for a list of fuses and exact location.

Power Mirrors Wiring Diagram

Jan 172017

Nissan TitanMy Nissan turns over and over but wont even act like its going to start till battery runs down. But it started fine Saturday.


Check to see if it is out of gas. You can also try spraying some starting fluid in the air filter to see if it wants to run. This will let you know if it has spark and just missing fuel. Here is a wonderful no start diagnostic chart we have developed just for this kind of issue.

Jan 172017

Ford F150Coolant is leaking from under passenger side exhaust manifold. I was wondering if it would be a hose or a freeze plug? It is a 1999 Ford F150 XL with a 4.2L V6.


How to Locate Coolant Leak

There are a few things to do in order to locate an external coolant leak. Fist top of the coolant level. I recommend using water since you will loose it on the ground anyway. Once the coolant is topped off you will need to put the cooling system under pressure. You will need a cooling system pressure tester for this. Take note of the max pressure on the radiator cap. Pump the pressure tester up to the max pressure you noted from the radiator cap. Look around the engine bay for the coolant spraying out. Now that you have spotted the coolant spraying out you know exactly where the leak is coming from.

What Next

Remove the cooling system pressure tester. Repair the leak. Once again top off the cooling system with water. Then connect the pressure tester and pump it up once more. It is good practice to check for additional leaks now before putting expensive fresh coolant back into the system. Once you see the pressure holding on the gauge of the tester go ahead and remove the tester. Drain the cooling system. Re-fill the cooling system with 50/50 mix. Run the engine with the radiator cap removed for a few minutes or long enough to top off the coolant level. Replace the radiator cap and test drive. It is a good idea to check the coolant level a few times over the next couple of days to ensure a proper level is maintained.

Jan 162017

Toyota Pickup5 speed manual trans will go into all gears but will not move can put into gear and it doesn’t move at all. Full clutch pressure. Feel like clutch isn’t fully releasing was told it could be a coulmn things. What do you think it could be?


Missing a drive shaft or the clutch disc is shot. If it is a 4WD the transfer case may be in neutral.

Jan 162017

2007 Kia SpectraMy heat isn’t working in my KIA. Sometimes if I slam my door it will kick on but it happens less and less.


If the blower motor isn’t working at all until you slam the door, then most likely the blower motor itself is going out. The motor contacts may be getting jarred when you slam the door causing it to work again. If it only wants to work in High fan speed then the blower motor resistor is bad.

Poor Heater System Performance Testing

Check all fluid levels and adjust as needed, before operating vehicle for extended periods at idle.

  1. Start the engine.
  2. Idle the engine until the thermostat opens (upper radiator hose will be hot) Is the engine at normal operating temperature (approx. 200 F)? If yes, go to the next step. If no, go to step 16.
  3. Next Set the mode selector to FLOOR mode.
  4. Set the heater control selector to the warmest temperature setting.
  5. Set the blower speed the lowest setting.
  6. Carefully feel the inlet and outlet heater hoses at the heater core. Is the inlet heater hose significantly hotter than the outlet heater hose? If yes, go to step 14. If no, go to the next step.
  7. Set the mode selector to PANEL mode.
  8. Select the maximum blower speed.
  9. Select the warmest temperature setting.
  10. Place a thermometer into the center I/P PANEL air outlet and affix a second thermometer to the heater core outlet heater hose.
  11. Record the temperature at the center I/P PANEL air outlet and at the heater core outlet heater hose. Are the two temperature readings about equal? If yes, go to the next step. If no, go to step 13.
  12. Inspect and repair the cowl, cowl area, recirculation door, and the HVAC evaporator/heater core case for cold air leaks. Repair any problems found, go to step 17.
  13. Inspect the temperature door operation. Repair any problems found, go to step 17.
  14. Turn OFF the engine. Back-flush the heater core. Start the engine. Select the FLOOR mode and the lowest blower speed. Select the warmest temperature setting. Feel the temperature of the inlet and outlet heater hoses at the heater core. Is the inlet heater hose feel significantly hotter than the outlet heater hose? If yes, go to the next step. If no, go to step 17.
  15. Replace the heater core. When the repair is completed, go to step 17.
  16. Check for low engine temperature problems, Repair or replace as needed, go to step 17.
  17. Operate the system in order to verify the repair. If the system operates properly, the repair is complete. If the heater still does not work properly, repeat the entire procedure.
Jan 162017

lo-jack wire 2011 Toyota Tundra

Are any of these the lo-jack wiring??


Call Lo-Jack @ 1-800-4-LOJACK for a wiring diagram and installation instructions.

If the wiring harness is attached to a small box that looks like this.


What is Lo-Jack

Lo-Jack is an aftermarket security tracking device. When a vehicle is stolen the owner reports the stolen vehicle. And then contacts Lo-Jack for further assistance. Once the Police are contacted they are able to track the location of the vehicle. This is done by receiving a unique signal sent from the stolen vehicle.



Jan 142017

2005 Nissan Altima Code P0420Engine light is on and evaporative emission small leak(evap leak) is what its says….also my car will not accelarate like it should on the high way it will stop and go like im running put of gas


Small evap leak could be as simple as the gas cap being loose or could be an actual leak. The most comon cause is a bad evap purge solenoid.

How to locate an EVAP Leak

The use of a smoke machine comes in play. Hook up the machine to the evaporative system service port or connect it to the fuel tank. Run the machine and look for where the smoke is releasing.

As for the engine not running well, first of all make sure it has fuel. I do not think the evap leak is related to this issue. You may have gotten hold of some bad gas. Try using high octane from a different fueling station the next couple of fill ups. Some Nissan’s are picking when it comes to fuel and may require High Octane all the time.

Jan 142017

Plymouth breezeWe changed the crank position sensor and then changed the plug for it. It started, drove for a few minutes than died and is still doing it. What could it be?


In most cases it would be the ignition control module. If you find however that it will not start after it dies, it is best to determine what the engine is not getting. You will need to determine if it is loosing fuel or spark or both. I have a wonderful diagnostic chart for just that occasion.