Jul 052011

I have a 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.3L engine. For about 1 month now the engine has been acting funny. When I went to start it there was nothing, I thought dead battery. The lights and everything ran good, so I thought altenator. I had them tested and found they were fine. I was thinking spark plugs, because when I jumped it with my husband’s car at full throttle, it started. We used to run it for a while and it would start right up again.
Now, when we go to start it, we get 1 click and after playing with it a bit can get it started. Is this a bad ignition? rely? plugs? or starter? Your time and advice are appreciated.

Jun 272011

1995 dodge caravan 6 cyl

while changing battery we found a wire coming from the radiator not connected to anything….(we dont know if we pulled if from somewhere or what) where does this wire go?

Jun 212011

When turning the key there is nothing no clicking or sound of a dead battery. Turn the key off and back on 3 or 4 times and it will start and run fine. Problem used to happen occasionally but now is happening more frequently. Almost every time I start the van. Ignition module?? Bad Battery?? Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Jun 202011

I am curious if the rear axle assembly of a 1996 Dodge Interept 3.3ltr V6 will fit onto a 1993 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.3 ltr V6.

The Caravan’s rear axle is rusted all the way through(can see right through it), and I have an intrepet that no longer worth repairing or fixing, and am curious if the axle could be removed from the Intrepet and placed on the Caravan or not.

Jun 192011

tail lights won’t come on i tried changing fuse but it burns out everytime. i tried unpluging the autoshutdown relay plug and the lights came, when i reconnected the plug the fuse burned again, what can be causing this and how can i fix it?

Mar 272011

i have change the altineter the battery and terminals and also the belts on the altinater but i am still not getting enough power if i charge the battery then i can run the car but as soon as i shut it off thats it