Feb 252011

tried to get Texas inspection w/ emmissions test today, they told me my on board computer is not communicating with thiers. any ideas. No, the check engine light is not on, no… I have not replaced the battery or disconnected it….or installed any new devices such as radios or anything. thank you so much

Oct 012010

I have an 01 dakota with a 360. I love it but it seems like I am getting into a lot of problems since it hit 140,000miles.
1. Starting issue. I have to crank it 2 or 3 times before it will fire up and keep running. Any solutions?
2. Engine light is on, had it plugged in a couple times. The main code that keeps coming up is a vacuum leak. We have replace hoses and even the gas cap. Any solutions?
3. Newest problem is that she is losing anti-freeze constantly. Can’t find a leak. However my oil level has increased; is it one of the heads? or something else?

Sep 192010

I’ve got a 02 dodge intrepid witha stripped spark plug tube, I know it has to be tapped and an insert put in but I bought a tap from the local auto store and it is too short. There is no room to get a socket over the tap when down the tube. Does dodge make a special tap for this, longer? If so where can I purchase it?

Sep 102010

All trailer connectors lost left turn and brake light. I followed the wiring to under the fuse box in the front of the truck. What is feeding that wire? the right side and marker lights work fine. I noticed that there seems to be two different systems truck and trailer package. The truck everything works fine it is just the left side of the factory trailer wiring.