Oct 012010

I have an 01 dakota with a 360. I love it but it seems like I am getting into a lot of problems since it hit 140,000miles.
1. Starting issue. I have to crank it 2 or 3 times before it will fire up and keep running. Any solutions?
2. Engine light is on, had it plugged in a couple times. The main code that keeps coming up is a vacuum leak. We have replace hoses and even the gas cap. Any solutions?
3. Newest problem is that she is losing anti-freeze constantly. Can’t find a leak. However my oil level has increased; is it one of the heads? or something else?

Sep 192010

I’ve got a 02 dodge intrepid witha stripped spark plug tube, I know it has to be tapped and an insert put in but I bought a tap from the local auto store and it is too short. There is no room to get a socket over the tap when down the tube. Does dodge make a special tap for this, longer? If so where can I purchase it?

Sep 102010

All trailer connectors lost left turn and brake light. I followed the wiring to under the fuse box in the front of the truck. What is feeding that wire? the right side and marker lights work fine. I noticed that there seems to be two different systems truck and trailer package. The truck everything works fine it is just the left side of the factory trailer wiring.

Sep 072010

I have a 1978 dodge long box that when I try to reverse it chatters real bad .The truck only has 70,000 kms  on it and the original owner said it done it since new . It is a 4 speed manual and I have checked the pinion angle put clamps on the springs changed the tranny mount and engine mounts and clutch and pressure plate . Any ideas?

Aug 082010

hi we have a 1999 dodge grand caravan 3 literthe serpentine belt went while driving home we drove it about 5 km before quit we put a new belt on and new spark plugs the van will start but won’t turn over we have an OBDII code # P2000 can you tell me what that means or what we can do to fix it