Apr 072015

Change front motor mount and front left motor mount also both front axles when I took car for aligment was told my engine was about to fall !said I need subframe bolts acura wont sell them to me said they need car cause many bolts involve what cause this ?where can I buy this bolts? Is that the right name? Can I get picture of the bolts ? Please Im carless need help thank you

Sep 212010

Went to my vehicle today (2002 acura rsx) and the power locks would not work, the emergency break light is on even though the emergency brake is off, and the air is blowing hot. I was reading some blogs online in which other people had all three problems occur to their rsx as well but they did not say how they fixed the problem. I check the air and lock fuses under the hood and they are fine. Do you know what the problem is and how I can fix it? Thanks!