Jun 262015

My left blinker quit blinking so I pulled the front bulb and it had black oily stuff all over it. Help. What’s wrong with my car.

Jun 092015

My car suddenly
started making a clacking/clicking sound on the front
end underneath. When I hold on to the gear shifter, I
can feel it vibrate as the clacking happens. It happens
in all gears including neutral when the car is moving,
but stops when the car is stopped. Engine runs great
and will drive, but I’m afraid to do more damage. I
tried turning in motion to see if it is a CV joint, but
don’t get the typical popping. The boots look fine. Any
advice would be helpful. I won’t bother fixing it if the
transmission is going out.

May 272015

When I have driver’s side air or heat on it doesn’t come out of vents as what it is suppose to.  What is the part called and how do I install the part?

May 192015

Your question: “i have heard there are four different transmissions that came in an 01 buick lesabre so im told. i have a good transmission to replace the one that is out in my 01 lesabre. how do i tell which of the four is in my car and which of the four my replacement ought to be?”

May 192015

I was told the lower manafold intake gasket is in need of replacement, they also said that there is oil in the radiator . What does this normally cost, will this blow my engine?

Mar 232015

I have no power , I have replaced mas sensor, map sensor, throttle position sensor, crankshaft sensor, idles fine in park, there are no more codes showing up, what else could it be?