Aug 102015

will not start if gear shift is just in park, I have to move it around a few times to get it just right to engage starter. need to where to start looking for the problem – linkage, wire, sensor on trans. ??

Aug 052015

the radio doesnt come on every time i start the car, if i turn the key to the on position the radio works then i start it and it wont come on all the time.. the times it does come on if i hit the door lock button it will shut off and maybe come back on if i hit the door lock button again.. im totally lost as to what would cause this to happen. thanks in advance

Jul 312015

It starts perfect cold, but once it warms up. it fails stating unless you give it some gas. The fuel pressure regulator is on the fuel pump on this car. If you suspect the fuel pressure regulator, how do you test it on the fuel pump?

Jul 252015

driving and lost power just like turning off the key,would not start again replaced crankshaft position scencor.still no spark

Jun 262015

My left blinker quit blinking so I pulled the front bulb and it had black oily stuff all over it. Help. What’s wrong with my car.