May 212014

1) I have a1997 Park Avenue and I’m wondering why I hear a winding sound and vibration feel when I make a right hand turn? Please help me get to the bottom of this one. I have been using the process of elimination for over a year now and it’s getting quite expensive, as you might agree? 2) I am also having trouble shifting from third to 4rth “overdrive” on the highway. When I let off the gas and proceed to give it gas once again it winds quite loud. It seems to make the winding sound when I turn to the right in the least bit. No slipping in the transmission at all.

Apr 042014

Im working on a 95 buick century the fuel pump was making a awful whinning noise like it was about to go out so I changed the pump out…I checked to see what might have made it go out like that because this is second pump in six months.  Long story short im only getting 8.7 volts to the pump with KOEO with KOER its drops down to 4 volts I know this can cause the pump to starve for fuel and make it go out but I can not figure out whats causing it to drop like it is I have performed a voltage drop test on both the positive and negative sides of the system and the drop is def. on the positive side…if any suggestions please help

Mar 202014

I had a check engine light. Code read as 0420 (??) Auto store said cylinder misfire. I knew I needed a tuneup, so I changed plugs, wires, all three distributors, and PCV valve. Car starts and idles okay, but when I put in gear (D or R) the car sputters, chokes, and stalls. I can’t find any vacuum lines disconnected. Any ideas what the problem might be?

Jan 282014

I had problems to start my car. I changed the ignition switch. The new one is a Ac Delco D1492C .The keys of this switch don’t have chips on it. I programmed it with the information I found on internet. The car starts now, but the red security light stayed on all the time. How can I turn off this light? Will the car give me problems later if the light remain on?

Nov 122013

Hi. I own a 2002 Buick Century. My low coolant light came on a few days ago but the temperature remained fine. All of a sudden yesterday my car temperature went way up and my car overheated. I pulled over immediately and the radiator reservoir was full of brown sludge. I added a little water after the temp went down and then 5 more miles down the road it overheated again. I left the car overnight and bought coolant today and put it directly into the radiator, but 10 minutes after driving it the car started to overheat again and white steam was pouring out as soon as I stopped. Any ideas what’s wrong?

Sep 132013

I replaced the fuel pump in my car due to it just randomly shutting down while driving. Also replaced the fuel pressure regulator. after installing the pump the car would turn over but would only start if sprayed with starter fluid. That’s the reason for regulator. The gas isn’t getting to the engine. It still won’t start. I’m a disabled grandmother and try to do as much as I can myself. No money for service station. What else can I do.