Nov 062015

How do I check for a bad turn signal switch? It is blowing turn signal fuse when I try right turn signal also when I try flashers it blows Brake fuse. I have replaced front turn signal bulbs and took lose right rear tail lights.

1995 Chevy C1500

Nov 032015

radio dead, no sound for blinkers, seat belts, keys in the ignition, or anything. Fuses are good in trunk and car. Not sure which one under the hood to check
Could this be a relay under the hood and if so, which one? What needs to be done if the radio needs to be replaced?

2011 Chevy Malibu

Oct 172015

have a monte carlo with rear drum brakes..few weeks ago i started hearing a thumping noise from left rear when braking..last week the noise stopped and now my abs actuator comes on when braking but it does not pulse the pedal or the brakes nor is there any abs light or low trac light on same for any trouble codes..braking is normal with no wheel locking thinking rear sensor and or spindle bad??
1999 Chevy Monte Carlo