Nov 232015

How can I disable my anti-theft on it? it wont start at all almost everyday.
would a remote car starter surpass the pass-lock?

Nov 182015

2005 Chevy Impala
While I’m driving my car just turns off and the battery light turns on I have to put it in neutral and start it up again…it happens more when I turn my wheel to right.

Nov 172015

My s10 just shut off going down the road. once it cooled off it would run a couple minutes and shut off again. now when i can get it to run it skips and pops. Every time i search codes i get a different code. only consistent is TPS but I’ve changed that already. Could it be my ignition module or computer are bad causing different codes at different times?

Nov 122015

2008 Chevy Silverado
My ex is a mechanic and a felon he had my truck and I had to get the cops to get it back. Now my transmission is screwed up!!! What do you think he did. There’s the right amount of fluid but the throttle is erratic.

Nov 122015

2005 Chevy Silverao
When going up a hill or when you seem to need more power, there seems to be a vibration coming from the motor, if I let off of the throttle, it seems to subside. Then back again if I’m going up a hill again when it looses power.