Oct 152015

2004 Chevy s10 4×4. Locked it in. Rough land. Everything ok. Drove it for a while in 2 wd . Started to make a clicking noise. On passenger side front tire area[front wheel]. Noise got loud. Replaced vacuum valve senor, accumulator, and cable. Noise has stopped. But it won.t go into 4wd? No more noise. No idiot light on dash. What should I try next? Why won’t my 4WD drive engage?
2004 Chevy S-10

Oct 132015

2005 Chevy MalibuMy ex just put aft stop leak into my gas tank. My car is almost empty will quickly filling it up with supreme gas and driving it help. I can’t be w/o my car

Oct 102015

2003 Chevy 2500 Express VanHad a problem that van would crank intermittently, the problem had grown worse. I replaced the starter relay and problem was still there so I pulled the starter and had it tested (it was fine) I reinstalled the starter and when I connect the battery the starter spins without the key being turned. I replaced the ignition switch and the problem is still there. No matter what I do, once I connect the battery the starter spins on its own.

Oct 062015

1990-chevy-truckMy son is driving my truck,he says the oil pressure gauge is going up and down and now the truck has died.He said before that the pressure was all the way up,what could cause the vehicle to die?

Oct 012015

What makes the wire so hot to the touch coming from alternator to the battery with lights on and air conditioning. It is also hot with one of the items off. I check all the wires they were good. Even behind fuse box all the way to the firewall and the other side. Please help, thank you.

Sep 182015

Read obd reader P0300 changed out 6 spark plugs to brand new found one coil that looked corroded, unplugged that coil to see if engine ran worse. No change in sound so I figured this cylinder is definitely the problem, changed that coil cleaned throttle body. Still getting same issue changed fuel filter fuel pressure is good. I feel I’ve isolated the problem to cylinder 4 which had corrosion but now am wondering what it could be

Sep 172015

I am having problems with losing power, I have changed the MAF sensor, air filter, temp sensor, when I come to a stop it stalls, it has a rough idle and has loss of power when driving also. Is there any more suggestions?