Sep 032015

sometimes it will start and run for about two days then it won’t start again what could be causeing this I had it to the chevy dealer and they said it was fixed

Sep 012015

was driving it, stopped at a light, now car will not go forward, only backwards. has plenty of trans fluid and rear end grease. when it happened all of the lights started flashing on the dash.

Aug 312015

My 1999 chevy venture is running really hot. Temperature gauge goes almost into the red after 3-4miles of city driving and im adding a qt of antifreeze/water every couple days. No noticeable radiator leaks, no water or smoke from the tailpipe, and only cool air when the heat is on full blast. Im gonna add gasket sealant tomorrow hoping that fixes the problem. Is that a smart move?

Aug 252015

My battery drains every two or three weeks or if it set for two days not running or on cold days, battery 1 year old, alternated 2 years old