Aug 252015

My battery drains every two or three weeks or if it set for two days not running or on cold days, battery 1 year old, alternated 2 years old

Aug 172015

I recently bought a 2001 chevy tracker from a dealership, the car fax was clean. I drove it to my dads house which is an hour away and it drove very nice on the highway and i continued to drive it on the highway and it drove very nicely. Than yesterday i drove it home from my fathers and the air conditioning is broken so i had it where it brought fresh air inside the car, and i had it set on cruise for 74mph. As i was driving and i had about ten minutes left on my drive i started to smell something burning it was a horrible smell and i just assumed it was from the outside and five minutes later the passenger side i started to see smoke( it was kind of white and not much of it), i turned off cruise control and turned off the a/c which brought fresh air in. My tank was empty so i filled it up to half a tank and since i was home by the time this all happened I’m not sure what happened. This is my first car and i have no idea what could possibly be wrong. I checked the oil and it was fine also, and now when i try to start the car it makes a weird noise that it didnt make before. help please!

Aug 152015

Must I remove the pulley in order to remove the power steering pump, or can the bolts be removed w/ the pulley staying on? The Haynes manual says that some require the pulley removed and some don’t. I’ve heard both ways from other sources too, I need help, please!?!

Aug 072015

Not sure what the cut line is from. This is the drivers side transmission the cut line appears to be attached to the top of the transmission.

Aug 062015

Truck won’t start, I don’t hear the fuel pump running. I’ve checked the fp relay and it clicks when you turn the key. Have removed the fuel line from the fuel filter and turned the truck over but no fuel is pumping from the tank.