Aug 072015

Not sure what the cut line is from. This is the drivers side transmission the cut line appears to be attached to the top of the transmission.

Aug 062015

Truck won’t start, I don’t hear the fuel pump running. I’ve checked the fp relay and it clicks when you turn the key. Have removed the fuel line from the fuel filter and turned the truck over but no fuel is pumping from the tank.

Jul 302015

I just got this truck and it ran fine it had the slightest miss to it….until about a week after driving it the check engine light came on so I put it on a computer and it said it was the cam and crank shaft position sensors…I replaced both sensors.. SO I went out to start it one day and as soon as it started it died so I started it back and gave it gas the engine had a real bad jerky shake to it and as I was giving it gas the rpms would hardly move it took it awhile for them to get back up…As I would repeat this process atleast 3 times it would idle fine and drive awesome..I noticed after awhile the problem got worse and the truck would automatically die after driving especially if I did not hold the gas down and the check engine light came back on and it said it was the camshaft position sensor only this time it only read one of them so I replaced it and the check engine light went off and now the car will not start at all it will crank but not start the catlytic converter was cherry red so I knocked all the honeycomb out of it. I replaced the plugs, wires, distrubutor cap, air filter and still nothing any help at all would be appreciated thanks so much.

Jul 282015

I have a 1992 camaro 3.1 v6 with a 3.4 swap done to the motor I did my swap went to start the motor trubed the key and the motor cranked but wouldn’t start and would back fire and pop and id like to know wat or close to wat I have to do to fix this and get her back to running order

Jul 272015

It wont start, has fuel to the engine, has good spark plugs and wires and cap and rotor, has a new distributor, has a new starter.

Jul 192015

I just replaced the radiator and thermostat on a 2001 Chevy Lumina. I drained the system before starting and filled it afterwards. When I cranked the car and the temp gauge went past operating temp it went down like the thermostat opened properly. I surveyed everything under the hood and checked for leaks. There was one little hose by the thermostat housing going up toward the intake that had a hole in it. I replaced it and crunk the car again, but the temp gauge showed that it was running hot and the thermostat seemed like it wasn’t opening. What can I do to fix my problem and get the car up and running properly.