Sep 162015
Brake Pads

got front brake pads yesterday. no longer squeels when braking but started squeeling when turning. has gotten a lot worse. no indicator light on. steering fluid ok. Grandson says it’s not the coil springs. Steering & brakes operating ok but noise has gotten louder. What might it be?

Sep 162015

my brakes quit working. i replaced the master cylinder, and bled the brakes, but when you step on the peddle there is nothing there. no pressure, no brakes, the peddle just goes to the floor.

Sep 152015

I have a 1996 Chevrolet Corsica 3.1L. Today I replaced the coolant as the Low Coolant light was going on and off all day. Still said Low Coolant after. Tried starting it a minute ago, speedo slowly went all the way to 120 by itself (still parked) it died and would not turn back on. Please help, I need it for work. Thank you.

Sep 032015

sometimes it will start and run for about two days then it won’t start again what could be causeing this I had it to the chevy dealer and they said it was fixed