Jun 092015

Random no start condition: it will start and immediately die, only seems to do this during warmer temps (June- September) I wait approx. 20 minutes and it will start and stay running. Has not happened to me during winter months. It has had this problem since purchased in 2000. It had remote start disconnected thinking this might have been what was causing the problem. I have replaced the fuel cap, had codes pulled there were no codes, fuel relays were checked, fuel pump seems to be working properly. It happened yesterday after work at 5:30 pm, temps were in the mid 80’s. I noticed yesterday that the security light was on when I drove it on errands and at lunch, it started fine both of those times.

May 302015

When i start the engine I get a noice like a hole in the exhaust system. The RPM jumps to 1K and eventually returns to normal. As the engine warms up the noice level lowers alot. I did pull the manifold heat sheild back as far as I can and started the engine and could not feel any blow-by. The noice seems to be comming from around the manifold area. Any help would be greatly apprecipated.

May 302015

Problem: Car stopping and hesitating at stop signs red lights and sometimes backfire.. Usually do this she hitting brakes or making hard turns or even when driving at slow pace…ive changed fuel pump, plugs, wires, throttle air valve, fuel filter and alternator

May 292015

We have put in New alternator,battery and starter but yet it won’t start. Lights,radio come on, we will turn the key to start it but nothing. What could it be?

May 262015

When I slide the control lever for temperature I don’t get any heat. If I slide mode lever to A/C I can hear the clutch kick in, but fan stops! I switch back to vent and the fan will go back to high. Even without the fan I don’t get any cool air coming in. I had replaced the entire temp. control assy. as the controls in the back were broke and it was stuck on heat. What is wrong??