May 302015

Problem: Car stopping and hesitating at stop signs red lights and sometimes backfire.. Usually do this she hitting brakes or making hard turns or even when driving at slow pace…ive changed fuel pump, plugs, wires, throttle air valve, fuel filter and alternator

May 292015

We have put in New alternator,battery and starter but yet it won’t start. Lights,radio come on, we will turn the key to start it but nothing. What could it be?

May 262015

When I slide the control lever for temperature I don’t get any heat. If I slide mode lever to A/C I can hear the clutch kick in, but fan stops! I switch back to vent and the fan will go back to high. Even without the fan I don’t get any cool air coming in. I had replaced the entire temp. control assy. as the controls in the back were broke and it was stuck on heat. What is wrong??

May 182015

the windshield wipers come on when I turn my right turn signal on or the air conditioner I replaced the multi-switch did not solve the problem

May 132015

I have a p0305 misfire . I have changed the cap rotor distributor plug wires spark plugs and the spider injection system . It has 100 psi in the #5 for compression and I’m running about 60 psi for fuel . I can’t figure it out. I also checked the valves they are working good as well .

May 122015

the issue i am having with my van is that after driving it for a few mins or a little while, i am having trouble getting my van to turn over crank back up or starting up again, i have to let my van sit for 15 mins or longer before it will start up again with no problem, i had the alternator, battery, starter all three check out and they are good, is it possible can i get some suggestion on what could be the issue i am having trouble with my 2002 chevrolet venture AWD