Jul 072015

Trailer Wiring Question. I have a 1977 Shasta trailer. All lights on the Suburban work fine, but the running lights on the trailer don’t work. They did at one time, but not now. The brake lights, turn signals and hazards work fine, but not the running lights. I tested the 6 pin connector on the Suburban and the I’m getting power to the running light post. (Of the 6 posts this is the top middle that shows power.) What’s strange is I only have four wires coming out of the trailer connector. (See Picture)

When I test these wires with my circuit tester I get power as follows: Blue Wire – Left Turn Signal. Brown Wire – Right Turn Signal, Brown Wire – Hazards, Brown Wire – Brake Lights. I get no power from any wire when I turn on my head lights. (I assume the black wire is my ground as it is connected to the trailer.) The 6 pin female connector on the trailer may be bad, but I wouldn’t know what to replace it with that has only 4 wires… I’m leaving for vacation in a few days and don’t have the time or expertise to rewire the whole thing. As you can tell, I’m pretty clueless on mechanical/electrical stuff so any help you can offer will be appreciated. Also, I bought both the Suburban and the trailer used and didn’t have anything to do with the wiring on either.

Jul 042015

what is the normal temperature for engines to run. Thinking about buying this car, but engine got up to 200-210 degrees, and don;t want to purchase if going to overheat

Jul 042015

i had a front end alignment done because of a pull 2 the right after the alignment i still have the pull after a tire rotation i found out the tire rods were never adjusted, should they have been adjusted!!!!

Jun 272015

put a 3 inch spacer in front end of my pickup and now is tight and grinding metal on metal against frame,what and how do i fix this ?

Jun 252015

Why would the steering wheel hard to the right when being driven. I have to keep a unusually tight grip on the wheel in order to keep it strait.