Jul 192015

I just replaced the radiator and thermostat on a 2001 Chevy Lumina. I drained the system before starting and filled it afterwards. When I cranked the car and the temp gauge went past operating temp it went down like the thermostat opened properly. I surveyed everything under the hood and checked for leaks. There was one little hose by the thermostat housing going up toward the intake that had a hole in it. I replaced it and crunk the car again, but the temp gauge showed that it was running hot and the thermostat seemed like it wasn’t opening. What can I do to fix my problem and get the car up and running properly.

Jul 182015

I recently change the transmission it is a manual 4 speed over drive everything was fine for about a week or two.Now the the speedometer,odometer and the trip button is not working at all

Jul 162015

I replaced a fuel pump on my truck….now I have no power to the fuel pump, I checked the fuel pump relay, it is good, however the fuel pump fuse next to it is getting no power to it. could I have a bad pcm possibly?

Jul 132015

today my ABS and brake light came on and stayed on. also, the air is still cold but barely blows out. it blows out stronger when driving but not at all when stopped. otherwise, the engine and all other electrical systems are all working just fine. what could be the problem

Jul 102015

My 700r4 tranny went into limp mode due to a burnt 3-4 clutch. I bought a 2wd 700r4 (same year) for cheap with low miles. I want to know what I need to do to be able to drop my current 4×4 tranny and install the new 2wd 700r4 to convert it to 4wd. I have all parts for the 4wd.