Jun 192015

I have several lights staying on in my dash but yet no problems noticed. ABS and Brake lights, Battery light also. The Security alarm light comes on occasionally but usually goes off on next start up. No problems noticed with these lights on. This has been happening for about three months now. Also noticed is that the heat gauge doesn’t work at all and the AC doesn’t work either. Wiring and fuses have been looked at and no problems found. What is causing this?

Jun 182015

My truck miss fires and stalls after warm up . The rpms go up on it’s own trying to stay alive but stalls the temp. gauge goes up and down after warm. I’ve changed the thermostat cleaned MAF and throttle body still having the issue. Also when I throw into gear it stalls immediately.

Jun 172015

Why does my high beam indicator stay on constantly when the truck is OFF. I’ve found many complaints online about this problem and hope someone has figured it out by now. The indicator works fine as supposed to while the truck is running¬† (only comes on with high beams on). When truck is turned off indicator come on after 15 seconds and stays on indefinitely. If any elect. circuit is used (open door,flip light switch,move the high beam signal, turn key, etc.) the indicator goes off then back on 15 seconds later if the truck isn’t started. All of my lights work properly on the truck,(every one of them) so it’s not a bad bulb issue for sure. I’m hoping someone knows what is going on since this is a common problem. Could it just be due to the recall on the cluster that was only available for 7 years or 70000 miles? The cluster does have bad readings on oil and volt readings. I’m tempted to take out the cluster and disconnect the indicator light just so it doesn’t drain the battery over time while not being driven.

Jun 092015

Random no start condition: it will start and immediately die, only seems to do this during warmer temps (June- September) I wait approx. 20 minutes and it will start and stay running. Has not happened to me during winter months. It has had this problem since purchased in 2000. It had remote start disconnected thinking this might have been what was causing the problem. I have replaced the fuel cap, had codes pulled there were no codes, fuel relays were checked, fuel pump seems to be working properly. It happened yesterday after work at 5:30 pm, temps were in the mid 80’s. I noticed yesterday that the security light was on when I drove it on errands and at lunch, it started fine both of those times.