Apr 172015

our equinox has such a throttle pedal delay at low RPM it is dangerous, I talked with the dealer’s service department and they said its all preprogrammed (no help) I know other people with the same problem with there equinox any suggestions would be appreciated

Apr 162015

So I might be making a trade and get a Malibu. Sounds like a good deal, the guy said it won’t start. So I assumed it was the passlock problem that Malibus are known for. But he told me that his friend jumped a semi truck with the Malibu and he experienced electrical problems resulting in the car dying. So, is it possible amps back fed into the Malibu and fried some computers or the alternator or maybe just the passlock? If this is possible could you tell me what would fry and what I would need to replace?

Apr 112015

my truck has a transmission cooler lines that connects to my radiator but no oil cooler lines. Why is this . and if there is no lines or place on the engine for them does it really matter?

Apr 092015

My 96 chevy cavalier has 200000 miles on it. It has a hard time starting I have to push on the gas to start it and hope the battery doesnt die. When running its rough misfiring bad and smells like GAS so bad from everywhere. Also only 3 cylinders work and its supposed to have 4 working. Im going through so much gas its crazy. When im going uphill the car loses power and im only able to gi maybe 30 mph. Can anyone help?

Apr 072015

I was changing the oil in my car the other day and when i took the drain plug off i noticed metal shavings where stuck to the plug what could be possible causes of this so i can correct the problem

Apr 052015

When idling, check gages light comes on and oil pressure gage drops. Returns to normal when accelerating. Not level issue; monitor oil level regularly

Mar 292015

NO BRAKE LIGHTS. Have all turn signals back up lights and running lights when headlights are on. Replaced brake switch under dash.checked fuse panel. Checked bulbs.Went all over with a test light and no luck at all. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it. Thank-you