May 012015

Engine occasionally fails to turn over. Battery is OK. Unpredictable. After waiting 15-30 minutes, car starts normally. Appears to be linked to relays or other components necessary for engine to start over

Apr 302015

Air Conditioning was only blowing out the lower and upper vents – i replaced the blend door actuator on passenger side – now only blows heat – i have removed actuator on driver side – it blows out all vents but still hot – ac worked prior to removing pass side – now not at all – what am i doing wrong?

Apr 292015

I can’t get the caliper back onto the rotor. There is no clip on the inside brake pad. Anybody know what I can do to get the caliper on?

Apr 272015

The wire to the upstream hos2 sensor was cut off and I can’t find the other end to it. I found another wire that seemed to have been cut off in the same fashion, but of different size.The piece still in the sensor is thin and bright purple, the other i found is thicker and a dull/faded purple they both have white/silver copper, not the regular bronze color copper normally used.
What I need help with, is to know where its coming from and what is it called so that I may be able to buy it .
I thank you in advance for all your help.

Apr 262015

van will not shift into D, 3rd or 2nd gear but will move in 1st and reverse. What could the problem be? does it need a transmission replacement?

Apr 262015

I have a fabtech 4″ suspension lift kit on my 2010 Chevy Silverado 1500 4×4 . I want to know if I can put 2″ coil spacers on the front also, because I want the front to sit a little higher then the back.

Apr 262015

I was going down the highway and all of a sudden no more power to front nor rear axle when not ingaged into 4×4 or ingaged drive shaft is still connected does not turn drive shaft in gear it does have transfer case transmission lost all power to drive tran idmedeitlely. what do you think
went out tranmission ,transfer case, or diffirentional