Dec 172015

My car has been running rough just in reverse and the engine light is on. What could cause this? It’s fine in drive or park.

Dec 152015

I drive a ford svt raptor 2013, alarm constantly keeps going off and only way to stop it is to leave my doors unlocked. Is there a way to disable the alarm or lock the car with the door not all the way shut?

Dec 142015

My truck starts fine when its cold but as soon as it gets up to temperature it stalls and i have to wait an hr. What can the problem be?

Dec 092015

When I put truck in neutral and push the 4×4 button on the dash I hear a click and it does not engage after hearing the click if I push 4 low it clicks and engages.. Why do I have 4 low and not regular 4 wheel drive

Dec 092015

My 2005 Escape with 97k sat idle in the garage for a few months. Now it runs rough and I get a check engine light and codes for misfire, O2 sensor, catalyst, and EGR. I am not a mechanic but I was told that a misfire could trigger all these codes and that I should start by replacing the Plugs and coils? Is there something easier I should try first?
WRT plugs and coils I can get 6 coils and plugs online for my V6 3.0 for $79. lists just one coil for $85, Is this a quality or a rip issue?

Dec 082015

I have a 2004 ford explorer with a 4.6 engine, it has a high temp/low oil pressure light on. I have changed the oil pressure sensor and the cylinder head temp sensor and the light is still on and the temperature Gauge is not working. All fluids are good. I touch the wire at the plug with a led test light and the gauge went to working and the light went out. Once I took the test light from the wire the light come back on and the gauge fell back down. Can anyone help

Dec 082015

flooding out can’t accelerate.
I’ve changed the EGR valve, PCV ell’s on tube, and o-rings on fuel injectors and now it wont crank at all.

Dec 052015

Can you give me a time and cost estimate to replace clutch, master cylinder, slave cylinder and machine the flywheel?