Aug 312011

Every time when braking, When I first push down the brake pedal lightly you at first feel a little twinge I guess you would call it, but then the feeling disappears and the brakes work alright. I may hear a little sound when the pedal is pushed I had the brakes checked and they said the brakes are good. I tend to notice it more after a lot of driving or if the weather is really humid. Any Ideas!!! I have a 2004 Hyundai Elantra GL

Jun 212011

Hi peeps, I got a funny rear end noise in my Hyundai that is bemusing me. When I drive it makes a weird knocking noise when it travels on rough or pot holed roads.

It only makes the noise on said uneven roads at any speed, when the road is smo0th it stops.

I have pushed the rear end of the car up and down (I’m a big bloke) with all my might, it makes no noise

I have jacked the car up and manually spun the wheels, it makes no noise.

I have removed everything from the boot, even tied the boot lid up to make sure its not a rattle form in there.