Feb 102013

I overfilled my oil on Monday night, as I was just trying to top off and overdid it. On Thursday things began to have issues…white smoke out of the exhaust, car seizing up on the road, shaking while idling and taking alot of effort to get up to 20-30mph. I left it alone on Friday, emptied the oil on Saturday and replaced the filter and put only 2 liters of fresh oil in. Still have the white smoke and the shakes. Am I doomed here?

Nov 052012

Please help… My 2008 Hyundai Tucson has developed a problem over the last couple of months that seems to be impossible to resolve. The vehicle stalls when stopping at traffic lights, congested traffic, etc. This does NOT occur all the time. Mostly after the car has been driven for at least 4 minutes to an hour. If I shift into neutral, engine does not stall.Sometimes, even if it does not stall, the tachometer revs to around 3000 rpm’s for several seconds, then recovers. I am at my wits end, and cannot afford to spend money to ediagnose anymore. Will greatly appreciate anyone helping me to solve this!

Feb 122012

the gas gauge has quit working in my 2008 Sante Fe. I was told it was probably the fuel sensor. So when I brought it to the dealership (thinking I had a 100’000 mi warranty) they told me I was “outa gas” because my car was over 60,000. I am really bummed because its going to cost me money I just dont have. I know, “use the odometer” I have been, but its a drag when you dont have the money to fill up! Anyway, is it hard to replace the tank and/or sensor?

Aug 312011

Every time when braking, When I first push down the brake pedal lightly you at first feel a little twinge I guess you would call it, but then the feeling disappears and the brakes work alright. I may hear a little sound when the pedal is pushed I had the brakes checked and they said the brakes are good. I tend to notice it more after a lot of driving or if the weather is really humid. Any Ideas!!! I have a 2004 Hyundai Elantra GL