Sep 182014

What could fail on the car and create multiple things on the car not to work. I drove my car one morning with no issues. Five hours later the car wont start. Get a jump, shifter doesn’t want to shift. Press on gas pedal, the motor doesn’t rev, the radio wont come on. The car wont go over 10 MPH. Etc..

Sep 122014

Thanks you for the opportunity to submit my question and thank you for helping me. My Getz don’t wanna start. I have to kick start it the whole time. I changed the battery but the same problem occurs, as soon as the car is switched off it doesn’t start. I have an error P1130
Kind regards

Aug 302014

Use wood wedges to hold the cams in place and did not work.The camshafts sprong out of position when changing the timng belt. Got all the marks aling according with the repair manual, but when try to turn the crankshaft the two revolutions it stops after 1 3/4 revolution.
What does that means?
If I take the belt off the crank turn with no problem. All cams do rotate but after a revolution or so it stops. The manual says to try alining everythig and instal the belt again. I have done so about 6 or 7 times with no luck.
What am I doing wrong?

Aug 102014

My car windows are the problem. I can get the back windows to role down and up using that doors button. I can not get the back windows to role down from the drivers door but if i role them down from the back i can use the drivers door panel to role them up. when i try to role them down from the drivers door it sounds like its trying but it doesn’t budge.

Jun 172014

while driving it kind of hesitated and then stopped, battery and brakes lights on dash came on.. Used a charger it started again but as I put in drive it stopped again this time had to keep charger connected to get home. Took battery in and it was dead. got a new one took off the pos. side for 10 min. so the lights for dash could reset with new battery. Got in rode around the area and no dash lights going off and on. thought it was fixed. turned on radio and the brake and battery lights came back on and off. Came back home but once the car is turned off (like while in store for a few minutes) come back and car won’t start had to be boosted.what else can I do?? Is it the alternator, I can’t drive it to take auto zone to have alternator checked. I am afraid at my age (61) to drive and get stuck somewhere. there is no one to help me.Can you give me an idea to try myself. thanks