May 262015

my car was making a loud i wanna say a rattling noise when i first started my car and then when i woud excellerate. i was driving to to work and while driving my car shut off. it wont start back up. i have power and spark. i dont know what is wrong with it

Apr 262015

Mother in law is 13k past due on oil change. Pulled dip stick and the only oil present was the oil burnt to the stick. Popped the cap and can see its just burned up bad. After a couple of years working in a GM service department I know how bad and costly this could be. Any way to flush out some of the burnt oil and sludge without a complete teardown?

Mar 112015

Can you please tell me the name of the part pictured with the hole in it. I am unable to find this piece online and I don’t know what part name I should be looking for.

Mar 072015

I have a problem with my van (H1 2011 with engine TCR 2500)
the problem code: P1116 Boost Pressure Sensor – Malfunction
I checked many cases but still have the same problem

Feb 252015

I had my front breaks done over the summer but a couple of days ago my break light came on so I checked my break fluid and it was low so added some fluid to it…now it keeps happening every couple of days I need to added more break fluid

Feb 182015

I have a nasty clutch problem that has my mechanic stumped. I had to replace my master cylinder, install a clutch kit and then the slave. It is still doing the same thing it was before the parts were installed. Clutch pedal wont go to the floor, cannot adjust it to so solve the problem. Used all new perfection clutch parts, heavy duty clutch kit, new DOT4 fluid and bled many times. Everything in the transmission looks good, fork travels correctly and clutch and new parts moving right. Please help! Have had 2 ASE certified mechanics and ASE transmission guy working many hours…all are scratching their heads.