Nov 122015

2012 Hyuandai H1 Minibus
My check engine light is on, the computer say it the starting sensor I have change it reprogram the vehicle computer drive for ten minutes switch off the engine and when I start up again it comes on and stay on, what is causing this?

Oct 142015

2003 Hyundai ElantraI get a P1140 code – on my little code checker it says manufacturers control, but I see on the internet that this code is for a Intake air temperature – so whats the problem why does it say manufacturers control when it should be pointing me to the IAT sensor which is part of the MAF I guess…

Aug 242015

Recently had lifers fixed. Was told I should only use Hyundai oil filters that has a special configuration vs the standard oil filter that pepboys or quick lube places utilize. is that true or were they giving me an excuse for the lifter repairs.

Aug 182015

About 10 days ago the check engine light comes on. HAd check ny locaol repair shop. Tells me Code P200A, “Intake runner”. Said he lubricated and if light comes back to bring to Dealer. Light comes next day. Make appt for dealer, 3 days out. Next morning battery is dead, (probably about right, time wise). Drop car off for appt. Dealer says needs new battery and Check engine light needs part (Sorry, didn’t get that info). Labor for part for check engine light problem $350. HAd AAA change battery that afternoon and dealer ordered part. It’s 7 days since battery has been changed, no check engine light. Possible dead/weak battery could have anything to do with Check engine light or just coincidence. Obviously don’t want to pay for unnecessary repair.

Aug 102015

My a/c is blowing hot and freon is full. It is blowing the a/c fuse in box under hood within mins of replacing it. It does blow cool until then. But only a few mins. There are no other problems. Do you think it could be a relay and how should I trouble shoot this.

Jul 192015

can engine be damaged if spark plugs need replacing?  can damaged spark plugs cause idling and rough ride?
engine light is on and car is idling louder and faster; driving seems to be heavier. What is wrong? — appointment scheduled with mechanic, in the interim is it safe to drive

Jul 172015

A/c works on passenger side but driver side is hot air. Mechanic charged me $100 and just added refrigerant. 2 weeks later problem reappeared. Passenger side air conditioning is okay but the drivers side has warm air.