Feb 262016

Hyundai Accent
Drove through water, car stalled. Air filter was soaking wet. We replaced air filter and changed the oil (no water in oil) but car is ticking, what should I do?

Nov 272015

2011 Hyundai Elentra
Gear shift will not shift to low gears. trans shifts normal is all other gears. I think the selector is a electronic shift on the fly system? Does the shifter operate a sensor or relay to the trans. Where is it located if you know? thanks.

Nov 122015

2001 Hyundai Tiburon
I was driving today and my car just started cutting back. it wouldn’t get over 30 mph. and when I would try to accelerate my speed would drop instead. any ideas on what could be wrong?

Nov 122015

2012 Hyuandai H1 Minibus
My check engine light is on, the computer say it the starting sensor I have change it reprogram the vehicle computer drive for ten minutes switch off the engine and when I start up again it comes on and stay on, what is causing this?

Oct 142015

2003 Hyundai ElantraI get a P1140 code – on my little code checker it says manufacturers control, but I see on the internet that this code is for a Intake air temperature – so whats the problem why does it say manufacturers control when it should be pointing me to the IAT sensor which is part of the MAF I guess…

Aug 242015

Recently had lifers fixed. Was told I should only use Hyundai oil filters that has a special configuration vs the standard oil filter that pepboys or quick lube places utilize. is that true or were they giving me an excuse for the lifter repairs.