Jul 102010

The harmonic balancer in my Oldsmobile went bad. I bought a new Balancer and removed the old balancer. The bad balancer was extremely tough to remove. I rented a Pully Puller from my local Autozone. The Pully Puller wasnt big enough to remove the balancer completely. Therefore,  I used a socket as a spacer. I put the socket in the crank shaft (where the bolt goes that holds the balancer in place). I got the bad balancer off but got the socket stuck in the shaft. I tried drilling the socket to  smaller width and then hitting it with a pick and hammer. Those stainless steel sockets are tougher than i thought. Then I took it to my mechanic who tried heating it then removng it, no success. There is brass behind it so it cant get too hot. He told me to talk to a machinist and see what they could do. This car isnt worth much and im not looking to spend much to fix it. Does anyone have any advice and/or help with my problem?

May 272010

My 92′ Olds with a 3.1 v-6 starts and runs fine for a few seconds, then it hesitates, misses, gets worse then dies.

I replaced :

Fuel Filter, Fuel Pump, Removed and cleaned all carbon from EGR and replaced it, separated exhaust from catalytic converter,

and installed a new Crank Position Sensor. I fired it up and same thin still happens! Is it possible timing chain/belt? (does backfire at higher rpm before stalling). Could it be a Cam sensor? or can a faulty coil pack be the culprit? how can I test and eliminate these possibilities? or is there something I may have missed?

Mar 152010

recently my car ran out of fuel(i thought it did)

when i put fuel in it would not start.Now im am in the process

the process of putting in a fuel pump,still will not

go.Could this be a anti theft security issue and if

so how do you reset it?

Mar 142010

I bought a 1987 Oldsmobile 98 Regancy, 3800 V-6 engine with 116,00 miles. There are no dash lights when I turn on the headlight switch. I have voltage coming out of the interior lamp control switch, I also replaced the Interior lamp module by the control box on passenger side. I have voltage coming into the dash on brown wire when the lights are turned. Any ideas on this subject??

Feb 052010

I have a 2001 Olds Bravada. Lately I have been having a problem with the brakes. There are NO leaks and it is full of fluid. The problem is that sometimes when I brake, and I mean easily, not slamming on them, there is a popping noise and the brake pedal pushes back into my foot and the vehicle doesn’t want to stop. I have to really press hard to get the brakes to work when this happens at all. It does have an ABS system but the light doesn’t come on when this happens. At other times the ABS light does come on but when it is on there is no problem.

I have had one person tell me this has to do with the vacuum hose to the gas tank being the problem. Another says this only happens with the brakes if I drive through water or hit ice, even though I have told them that no, there have been times that there has been no puddles or ice. Someone else said that it is the gears shifting, since it is all wheel drive, yet I have never known brakes to fail when gears shift. Another person said this was common in the Bravada, which sounds like bunk to me since it is obviously a safety issue.

Can someone PLEASE give me some insight into this and what might be going on? Thanks in advance.

Jan 182010

2002 olds van, lower brake lights, traction control and cruise control not working. Have tried new brake light switch, cruise control module from a salvage yard and still not working. Have been told by several mechanics it was probably multi-function switch but have also been told if turn signals are working it wouldnt be that either.Any ideas