Aug 132015

We purchased this bug a few weeks ago. We are getting a P0327 error code which is for #1 knock sensor. The car only has one knock sensor in the #2 position. There is no wiring for the #1. One mechanic said it only has one sensor. So why are we getting a code for a sensor that is not there. We have changed the #2 sensor and checked the wiring, still getting the code.

Aug 052015

I need help! My 06 Jetta will not start. It will not turn over and the brakes have become extremely hard to push. Lights and all come on. Tried to jump it to no avail. What could it be?

Jul 162015

My daughter just had her alternator replaced on a 2002 Volkswagen Passat. After she picked up her car from the shop the stereo is dead. No lights, nothing. Its not the security code because it doesn’t even work to input the code. She took It back to the shop they checked her fuses etc. They said it has nothing to do with them replacing the alternator and is not their problem. Which I understand to a degree, but the stereo worked just fine before the service. Am I crazy to think it might have been something they did?

Jul 072015

Hello, I have a VW Passat [Estate] from 2006 and I’ve recently been having issues with it. A light appears on the dashboard. I went to a Mechanic and he tested it. The computer found a fault, code: 012600 P3138-006 Intake manifold Runner Control : Regulation Deviation. I changed the valve, the light on the dashboard no longer appears but I can still hear a noise in the engine when I accelerate.

Jun 302015

my car overheated and i need a new heater hose because of a leak. they ran a combustion check and it failed. they said i need a new engine or i need to replace the gasket on top and hope there are no further cracks. She said that fluid and oil are mixing together and if i try to drive the car the engine will lock up. is this true? The mechanic told me i could buy bluedevil and it will probably fix it for a couple of months, which will at least buy me some time. Is there any way i could just replace the hose and not the engine or will the car not run? I have a Volkswagen 2003 Passat

Jun 302015

What makes the engine every time u start it goes spits & backfires threw the intake
It asks like theirs a fuel problem. Plugs & wires,rotor button been changed. After it levels out it runs good

Jun 062015

When u crank it up it spits & Sputter u have keep foot on the paddel then it picks up the the fuel . already change fuel filter,plugs & wires.Also the radiator fan only works on high speed going down the road it works good when a/c on. This started when the battery cable ground 2 the body then fan came on. Has’t work right sense.

May 272015

i got 5 wires on my o2 sensor the replacement one has 4 i know what the wires are can the two power ones be ran together or can i cap one off and just use one that goes to ecm

May 212015

The light on the front passanger side that illumiates the side of the road when turning is blown out and i have no idea where to get that bulb or even how to locate it. The driver side works fine but this one is out. It is not part of the main hid or whatever super nice headlights the car has