Jul 112016

1998 VW BeetleHi. I have a 1998 beetle. I left work today. Started the car and the “BRAKE ” light on the dash was lit. I did not have the emergency brake on. On the way home I also discovered the turn signals were not working, or the fan for the heat. The headlights and daytime running lights were not working either. The lights at the rear of the car are working. I did not check the horn or wipers. I plugged the tester in and no codes came up. All the fuses seem to be good. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The brake light will illuminate when the brake fluid level is low. Check the fluid level. The brake system is a closed system. Though adding some fluid may cause the brake light to go out there may be more to it. Check your brake pads for wear as it may be time to replace them. This light is a separate issue from your lighting issue.

If the emergency flashers work, then the cause of the turn signal issue should the the turn signal switch. If they do not work, the load reduction relay or fuse 2 or fuse 39 would be the problem. The head lights also use the same load reduction relay, check it first.

The blower motor would be a separate issue as well. Generally if the blower only works on high speed the blower motor resistor needs to be replaced. If it does not work on any speed the motor and possibly the resistor as well need to be replaced.

Exterior Lighting Wiring Diagram 1998 VW Beetle





Jun 092016

Car starts but then sputters (shakes ) and dies. Will restart.


Engine stalls after starting

  1. Check for a restriction in the fuel return line or the return line check valve and repair as necessary.
  2. Check the glow plug operation for turning the glow plugs off too soon and repair as necessary.
  3. Check for incorrect injection pump timing and reset to specification.
  4. Test the engine fuel pump and replace if the output is below specification.
  5. Check for contaminated or incorrect fuel. Completely flush the fuel system and replace with fresh fuel.
  6. Test the engine’s compression for low compression. If below specification, mechanical repairs are necessary to repair.
  7. Check for air in the fuel. Check fuel tank fuel and fill as needed.
  8. Check for a failed injection pump. Replace the pump, making sure to properly set the pump timing.
Jun 092016

2001 vw passatCranks but wont start is the crank position sensor a good place to start?


  1. Check the battery condition, battery state of charge and starter motor current draw. Replace the battery if marginal and the starter motor if the current draw is beyond specification.
  2. Check the battery cable condition. Clean the battery terminals and replace corroded or damaged cables.
  3. Check the fuel system for proper operation. A fuel pump with insufficient fuel pressure or clogged injectors should be replaced.
  4. Check the engine’s tune-up status. Note the tune-up specifications and check for items such as severely worn spark plugs; adjust or replace as needed. On vehicles with manually adjusted valve clearances, check for tight valves and adjust to specification.
  5. Check for a failed coolant temperature sensor, and replace if out of specification.
  6. Check the operation of the engine management systems for fuel and ignition; repair or replace failed components as necessary.
Jun 012016

Its light up check engine sign and says EMISSION WORKSHOP. What is that mean and what to do?


Just what it says. There is an emissions issue and will require the dealer”workshop” to repair it. The good news is the car can be driven like this indefinitely. So go ahead and wait for your next oil change and talk to your technician about costs of repair then.

Apr 152016

2002-vw-passatWhen I start my car, it will rev by itself and if I press the throttle it will cut out unless I wait about 20 seconds, it doesn’t matter if I’m in gear or not, it will still cut out and then when I come to a stop after driving, it will start revving by itself again. I don’t know whats wrong.


This is a classic description of a vacuum leak. Usually a hose has a crack in it or an intake gasket.

What do I need to find a vacuum leak

Mar 222016

volkswagen golf
My 2003 Volkswagen Golf 2.0 will crank but not fire up(unless gas is poured directly into the throttle body). Got spark and fuel (up to the injectors) but when I checked the voltage to the injectors I only get 3.42v, I checked all the grounds I could find, fuses and relays that are related but nothing so far. Timing belt looks good, new battery and new fuel pump. Had a OBD2 reader on it and got codes like Injector circuit low, and injector circuit malfunction in cylinder 1, 2, 3, and 4.


Volkswagen Golf fuel injectors not firing

So you do have fuel pressure at the fuel rail? The Powertrain Control Module(PCM) has internal drivers that control the injectors. There is a Red/Violet positive wires. Check all the grounds in the pcm harness also. The pcm grounds out the injector circuit to fire the injectors. If there is a broken ground wire than the pcm won’t be able to ground the circuit. Get a digital multimeter and check all grounds in the harness for continuity to ground. If all are good than test continuity from all wires to pcm from injectors than check the wires for the cam and crank sensors. Also, a shorted O2 sensor can cause this problem. Unplug it and see if that makes a difference. Let me know if you need a wiring diagram.

Nov 022015

The water pump went out and info center warned to shut car down an check coolant with red temperature light illuminated. Replaced water pump, timing belt, thermostat and coolant. Restarted but can not get red temperature light to go out or info center warning to reset. Code reader shows no codes to clear. Need to know how to clear light and info center warning.

2004 VW Passat

Oct 102015

2006 VW JettaI am rebuilding an engine for this vehicle, it is the 2.0T FSI engine, and i am replacing the timing belt, water pump, timing chain, tensioner, and head gasket. I need to know all fo the related torque specs and sequences, as well as what bolts involved are stretch bolts and will need to be replaced

Oct 022015

I have recently topped up my power steering fluid with 4 ounces of dot 4 brake fluid. Will this be hazardous to my power steering system. I have read mixed reviews, since it wasn’t much break fluid. Thanks for your time.