Oct 092019

2006 VW Polo

Hi, does VW Polo TDi have sensor that disables electronics in event of flood/water level rising past steering wheel? Our car was recently submerged in water up to dashboard during flood. We haven’t attempted to start the car and no water presence was seen in the dipstick. Any thoughts?

Not that I have ever heard of. The battery could short out though. The entire air intake system would fill with water. The engine could also have filled with water. It is also possible for the fuel tank to have filled with water. The exhaust would also be filled. This would all depend on just how long the vehicle was submerged.


Aug 192019

 VW Jetta

I’ve got a water pump that needs replaced…can it be done by myself or is it best to take it to a mechanic?

According to the Labor Time Guide this is a 6 hour long procedure for an experienced mechanic. Noting that and the fact that you asked in the first place, Yes, take it to a mechanic. This is probably not the project you want to start learning on. Also the water pump is driven by the timing belt.

How to replace the water pump 2015 VW Jetta 1.8

Coolant Pump, Removing and Installing
  • Drip Tray VAG1306 or Shop Crane – Drip Tray VAS6208
  • Torque Wrench 1331 5-50Nm VAG1331
  • Hose Clip Pliers

This procedure contains mandatory replaceable parts.

Mandatory Replacement Parts

  1. O-ring – Coolant Pump to Cylinder Block


  • Replace the gaskets and seals.
  • The lower toothed belt guard can remain installed.
  • The toothed belt remains in position on the crankshaft sprocket.
  • Cover the toothed belt with a cloth to protect it from coolant before removing the coolant pump.

►Drain the coolant.

►Remove the ribbed belt.

►Remove the ribbed belt tensioning damper.

►Remove the upper and center toothed belt guards.

►Remove toothed belt from coolant pump toothed belt sprocket.

►Remove the bolt 1 from the rear toothed belt guard 2.


►Remove the bolts 5 for the coolant pump and then remove the coolant pump 4.


Install in reverse order of removal. Pay attention to the following:

►Coat the new O-ring 3 with coolant.

►Insert the coolant pump 4.

Installed position: Sealing plug in housing points downward.

►Tighten the bolts 5.

►Install the bolt 1 for the rear toothed belt guard 2 on the cylinder head.

►Install the toothed belt.

►Install the ribbed belt tensioning element.

►Install the ribbed belt.

►Fill with coolant.

Aug 222018

2009 VW Tiguan

This car was manufactured in Slovinia, originally purchased in Canada, sent to Ghana where our NGO purchased it in 2014. Soon after, the EPC light came on and we have tried many things and continue to have problems.

The problem: EPC light comes on and sometimes there is not a problem, but most times, the car stops pulling. This can happen anytime – when the car is cold or when it has been running. YOu have to stop, turn off the car, wait and try and eventually, it will go again, sometimes for many miles or days, and sometimes just for a few minutes before you go again.

What we have replaced up until now:
Replaced: Throttle position sensor, APPS, coils 1 & 4 (I am told they were short circuiting), plugs, release bearing/clutch kit (a separate problem, I guess).

The error codes:
P0130A (?)

They report carbon buildup in the injectors ( I think they saw when they removed the intake manifold) are recommending we replace all of those and many more items.

I appreciate your help!

Multiple Trouble Codes Detected

Quite an assortment of codes you have going on. The P0300 codes are for misfires. The other codes have to do with the TPS and Intake Sensors. Looking at the big picture it appears there is an electrical issue. The electrical issue is most likely tied to the wiring harness. If this vehicle has been in a wreck, start looking in that area for pinched or damaged wiring. Look for corrosion on connectors and at the connections at the ECM and the sensors involved.

Code P1558 – Throttle Actuator Electrical Malfunction

Possible causes

  • Faulty Throttle Valve Control Module
  • Throttle Valve Control Module harness is open or shorted
  • Throttle Valve Control Module circuit poor electrical connection

Code P0221 – Throttle Pedal Position Sensor/Switch ‘B’ Circuit

Possible causes

  • Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) harness is open or shorted
  • Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) circuit poor electrical connection
  • Faulty Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)
  • Fault Electric Throttle Control Actuator (or Throttle Body Motor)
  • Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor (APP)

Code P068A – ECM/PCM Power Relay De-Energized Performance – Too Early

Possible causes

  • Faulty Engine Control Module (ECM) relay
  • Faulty ECM
  • ECM harness is open or shorted
  • ECM circuit poor electrical connection

Code P2015 – Intake Manifold Runner Position Sensor/Switch Circuit Range/Performance Bank 1

Possible causes

  • Faulty Intake Manifold Runner Position Sensor/Switch
  • Intake Manifold Runner Position Sensor/Switch harness is open or shorted
  • Intake Manifold Runner Position Sensor/Switch circuit poor electrical connection
Mar 302018

2003 VW Beetle

I have a 2003 VW beetle with 68k miles on it. Some months ago while driving on a hwy the car felt like it was going to die and a code of EPC came on. I took it to a mechanic and they couldn’t find any issue. Seemed fine but to date several times in the past week, the car feels like it is not getting gas and trying to stall, but no code. What to do?

EPC warning light comes on

Since you did have an EPC code we can look into that issue. Odds are they are related.

Electronic Power Control System (EPC)

EPC diagram for VW Beetle

EPC Light on Volkswagen

The EPC warning light, also known as the Electronic Power Control warning light, is a vehicle warning indicator that indicates a problem with your Volkswagen’s throttle system, such as with the throttle pedal, throttle body, traction control, or cruise control. However, the EPC light can indicate other problems with your Volkswagen, as well. Continue reading for how to fix the EPC light on a Volkswagen.

EPC Car Warning Light

When the EPC light comes on in your Volkswagen, it’s a signal that the vehicle needs to be repaired immediately. Your Volkswagen should have enough power to drive to a car dealership or repair shop, but it should not be driven anywhere else. Your vehicle’s throttle may be limited in power as a built-in mechanism to protect the engine.

How to Fix EPC Light on a VW

The EPC warning light can indicate a variety of problems with your vehicle, some of which can be extremely harmful to your engine. It’s important to get your Volkswagen into a repair shop as soon as possible if it’s displaying the EPC light.

Source: schworervolkswagen.com

Dec 202017

2009 VW Jetta

We are considering purchasing this 2009 VW Jetta 2.5 with 76000 miles on it. First of all it had the EPC light on the instrument cluster when we got to the dealer. So they said they replaced 1 spark plug & coil pack & the light went out. Does this repair sound appropriate or should we be concerned there could be something more serious wrong with the car?
Thanks Phil

Seems like you should be concerned that there is something more serious going on! I would move on to a different vehicle for sure. Most of all the EPC light has nothing to do with the spark plugs or coil packs. Therefore I would suggest looking at something else unless you are completely in love with it. And the dealer is willing to WARRANTY the vehicle.

EPC Light – Electronic Power Control Warning Light

If a malfunction is recognized in the EPC system, the ECM switches on the the EPC warning light.

For EPC, the throttle valve is not operated by a cable from the accelerator pedal. There is no mechanical connection between the accelerator pedal and the throttle valve. The EPC is a system containing all components that contribute to recognizing, controlling and monitoring the position of the control valve.

EPC loation diagram 2009 VW Jetta

Dec 122017

1999 VW Bettle

I just bought this car and it will not idle. It runs down the road but when you let off the gas it dies.
The check engine lite was on and indicated multiple cylinder misfire. I cleared the code and while the lite has not returned the problem persists.

Some times it takes a while for a light to return where misfires are concerned. This is because the engine requires a misfire to occur a certain number of times inside a set amount of time in order to set a code. I would guess a vacuum leak of some kind. If you have the exact trouble codes feel free to post them in the comments.

VW Code P0300 – Random Cylinder Misfire Detected

VW Code P0300 Probable Causes

  • Faulty spark plug (s)
  • Faulty ignition coil (s)
  • Clogged or faulty fuel injector (s)
  • Intake air leak
  • Fuel injectors harness is open or shorted
  • Fuel Injectors circuit poor electrical connection
  • Ignition coils harness is open or shorted
  • Ignition coils circuit poor electrical connection
  • Insufficient cylinders compression
  • Incorrect fuel pressure
Sep 132017


Noise when I’m driving

Noise when I’m driving but not at idle. I’ve been told its probably a gearbox bearing or gearbox issue. The gears change very smoothly and the car is running well except for this noise.
Is this a serious problem and expensive?? Thanks

About the only way to know for certain what it would take to repair the transmission would be to take it apart and inspect it.

Aug 012017

2010 VW Beetle

Speedometer quit working

My speedometer quit working on me. The code says speed sensor A. But I cannot seem to find it anywhere on the transmission. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Vehicle Speed Sensor Testing

Use the provided diagram to help locate the electrical connection at the speed sensor. You may also want to test the sensor since you are already looking at it.

VSS Location 2010 VW Beetle

VSS Diagram



Need help with pulling a 2000 Volkswagen Passat transmission!!! anyone !!

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Jul 312017

Volkswagen Passat

I have never done a Volkswagen transmission before. I have done a few R&R s on Chevy’s and Ford’s but no Volkswagen’s. So if any one can help me out with a few tips or what I need to do or don’t do I would be grateful. I have heard a couple of things that I may have to do to pull this transmission like pull the starter to get to a bolt from the starter hole. and had someone told me that you can not get to the the torque converter bolts too pull the trans. I am a little lost on this so if anyone can help me out I would be grateful… thanks   gene

Volkswagen Passat Transmission Removal

Not sure of any tips or tricks for this one myself. I will add the auto repair manual procedure for reference and post in case some others may have something to add.