Jun 102017

2003 Chrysler Pt CruiserThe car will just shut down while I’m driving. A few weeks my mechanic replaced the transmission sensor. Now it’s just shutting down ever thing cuts off. After a few minutes it usually will start up again. I am not driving it now

Car Shutting Down

Intermittent problems can be frustrating and time consuming. When the car is running fine and starting fine all tests performed will usually come back as showing no errors with anything.  Knowing that, all diagnostic testing will need to be carried out while the problem is present. So only diagnosing when the vehicle will not start will lead us the cause of the problem.

This may require leaving the vehicle with a mechanic for a long stay.


May 032017

2005 Chrysler Town and CountryI have a code that is reading #4 missfire. would the ignition coil pack most likely be the problem or #4 injector?

The coil pack would be the most common part failure.

Ignition System Operation

The ignition system used on these engines is referred to as the Direct Ignition System (DIS). The system’s three main components are the coils, crankshaft position sensor, and camshaft position sensor. If equipped with the coil on plug ignition system it utilizes an ignition coil for every cylinder. It is mounted directly over the each spark plug.

Apr 252017

2006 Chrysler 300

Oil getting into the intake

I just had my head gaskets replaced and now there’s oil getting into the intake. Can a rebuild kit fix this problem? If I’m going to replace my engine, my original 8th digit vin letter is R and the one I’m replacing it with is vin T. Will this work?


Try replacing the PCV valve first. Oil may be getting into the intake from a failed PCV valve or improperly installed gaskets since you just had it worked on. A compression test will confirm if the problem is internal in the engine or not.

PCV valve location

To remove rotate PCV valve(3) counter clockwise 90 degrees.(5.7L engine shown)

pcv valve location

Apr 182017

Chrysler Lebaron

ASD Relay

I have been fighting an electrical problem, the car will not start. It acts like the ASD relay is not working, But I can’t locate it. All the info I have says that might should be on the driver fender in the relay box. It is not. Manuals say that the relays in order from fender to engine are starter, ASD, Fuel pump, Horn, Wiper/washer A/C clutch and Radiator fan. I’m are starter, fuel pump, Inj. Ing. coil, blank w/washer,
AC clutch and Rad. fan. I have swapped out the relays with a new one. All so I have changed the coil and dist. module. What is keeping it from starting.


Apr 112017

2001 Chrysler Town and CountryWhen I put key in ignition, key wont turn. Its like frozen, plenty of juice. Might be ignition switch? The key goes in and makes the sound activate but will not turn either way.


Key Wont Turn

  • Try wiggling the steering wheel while trying to turn the ignition key
  • If you have an additional key, try it
Worse Case

You may have to replace the ignition lock cylinder.

Key Lock Cylinder Replacement


  1. Disconnect negative cable from battery.
  2. Remove steering column cover retaining screws.
  3. Remove screws holding steering column shrouds and remove lower shroud.
  4. Place key cylinder in RUN position. Depress lock cylinder retaining tab on the bottom of the lock housing and remove key cylinder.

1.Install key in lock cylinder. Turn key to run position (retaining tab on lock cylinder can be depressed).
2.The shaft at the end of the lock cylinder aligns with the socket in the end of the housing. To align the socket with the lock cylinder, ensure the socket is in the Run position (Socket in Lock Cylinder Housing) .
key wont turn lock cylinder replacement1 – LOCK CYLINDER HOUSING

3.Align the lock cylinder with the grooves in the housing. Slide the lock cylinder into the housing until the tab sticks through the opening in the housing.
4.Turn the key to the Off position. Remove the key.
5.Install lower steering column shroud.
6.Install steering column cover.
7.Connect negative cable to battery.

Apr 042017

1993 Chrysler LebaronCar won’t start. Should there be power at the plug that supplies the coil when the key is on. Have no power at that plug. Shut car off one night (running great) and go to start it next day and it just turns over. Seems dist. cap is all good and rotor, but no fire.


Here is a wonderful diagnostic chart for no start situations.

ignition coil


The Dark Green/Orange wire gets its power from the ASD Relay. The ASD Relay gets its power from the Fuel pump relay and 2 fuses #42 and #46. The PCM sends a signal on the  Black/Grey wire to the distributor. It is common for the ASD Relay to fail and need to be replaced.

ASD Relay Location

It us located in the power distribution center under the hood in the engine compartment.

Mar 122017

2006 Chrysler PT CruiserSmoke comes out when start up then it quits



The color of smoke would be interesting to know. If it is white it might indicate some blown head gasket symptoms. Blue or black smoke would indicate burning oil and fuel. If it is oil smoke it my be from worn valve seals. This will not cause an issue as long as the oil level is kept full. In fact checking your fluid levels might point you in the right direction as to what is burning.

Feb 092017

2008 Chrysler Town and CountryI’m getting a burning plastic like smell after a 45 minute drive but all gauges read normal and fluids look good. Maybe a Brake smell, I’m not sure what it is.
I cannot see anything under the van, nothing is leaking, everything looks normal…. but this smell (which is outside the cab – can’t smell it inside) is bizarre. Not seeing any smoke from tailpipe either. Brakes feel kinda spongy but I don’t think it could be brake fluid. I’m not Mr. Goodwrench but I do know this is weird. My car has 107000 miles. My car has an automatic transmission.


Brake Smell

I would think a spongy brake would be an indicator. You may also look for excessive brake dust on the front wheels as compared to the rear wheels. Also look at the brake fluid level. Do not add any fluid, but if it looks like it is half full this is an indicator. The front brake pads may be worn down enough to need replaced. Another thing to check for would be if one of the wheels is too hot to touch it would indicate a sticking brake caliper.