Jan 032016

When am driving my stiring wheel very hard to turn and if i accelerate a little when am turning the stiring wheel softens why

Dec 182015

I have a speedometer that went crazy. It reads like 50mph or so over what you are driving at. For example, at 65mph it will read like 120 mph. I replaced the speed sensor not sure what else to check other than my speedometer is failing.

Dec 172015

My truck, key on engine off, Builds 50 pounds of fuel pressure. When I start the truck it drops down to 41 psi. When I try and rev the truck up, the truck don’t want to rev up and when I do get it to rev up fuel pressure drops down almost 0 what would cause it.

Dec 152015

Have a problem with my truck smothering down when I give it gas. I change the fuel pump filters had carburetor kit put in, had converters cut off and it still doing the same thing.

Dec 142015

Hi, while reinstalling my valve body on my 46RE transmission I installed everything and seemed to be able to find where everything went but when I went to turn my truck over, there is absolutely no shifting at all. What step did I miss?

Dec 142015

My Stratus is missing, the code is P0302 misfire on cylinder 2, I replaced plugs, wires, fuel injector and a coil pack. I also put a new cam shaft and crank shaft sensor on it and it still misses. Its not using oil or smoking

Dec 142015

My van is making a squeaking sound while driving. Also wipers coming on for no apparent reason. Power window on driver’s side was sticking. No going back up. Sometimes I hear a ding in my van. The ABS light is on.