Dec 032015

2010 Dodge Ram 1500
I am wanting to put 2 exhaust systems on this truck i.e. from the headers the pipes 2 catalytic converters 2 mufflers, where the piping never attaches. Is this possible/legal?

Nov 302015

2000 Dodge Intrepid
How do I fix a Blend Door Actuator (Code 23) and Mode Door Actuator (Code 24) Feedback Failure? I have changed the control unit 3x. I changed the Blend Door Actuator and the seal doesn’t work.

Nov 122015

2005 Dodge Caravan
At 3500 R.P.M. It wont shift up unless u roll out of the throttle and then have to work the pedal to increase speed. N park it will tach out .n gear it will not hardly rev up… It will in every gear at 3500 r.p.m. Jerk n jerk n decrease speed till u work throttle to get it to shift up or down… I gt 6 kids can’t afford to have it fixed please help . Been told detent cable n throttle position sensor…. What u think it really is

Nov 122015

2001 Dodge Neon
I have an ’01 dodge neon. It just started making a noise that sounds like a very thin, small metal rod hitting bicycle spokes. I want to say it’s in the front but I can’t be sure. I believe it’s on the drivers side. I know I have a bad rear tire in the back on the drivers side but I don’t think that’s the problem. It doesn’t do it all the time. It’s a constant speed whether I’m going 10 or 60 mph.

Nov 062015

My car is misfiring at the # 2 cylinder and replaced a new intake manifold and spark plugs with three coil packs. I had a compression test done and its states all cylinders pass above 140 PSI, they checked the coil packs and #2 cylinder was still misfiring, #2 cylinder would get fire but would not stay on. So they checked all wiring and suggested a wiring harness or PCM to be replaced. I want to know if you may help me understand what if the diagnose is correct or not? What can I do?
2008 Dodge Caliber

Nov 052015

What part is required in order to fix the tension pulley on my power steering. Auto parts tell me i have to buy the whole unit. Can I just replace the pulley?
2003 Dodge Neon

Oct 252015

Vehicle starts fine when cold. After running for a while it will die. When trying to restart it takes a while or will not start. Any reasons why?
1991 Dodge Dakota