Mar 152018

Ford Explorer Sport Trac

Lately my truck has been having problems. When I start it up in the morning, it gives me high rpms, but no movement for a few seconds. This is only made worse by braking. The truck comes to a complete stop and I have to get up to about 3500 rpms to get it moving again.

Also, when I leave work in the afternoon I have problems. When I put it in reverse, without touching the gas pedal it will have about 1000 rpms and roll back easily. The same problem as I mentioned above happens when I put it in drive. High rpms and no movement for the first few seconds of driving.

Any ideas?

No movement

This sounds like you are experiencing transmission related issues. First thing to do would be to check the transmission fluid level.

If the transmission fluid level is low, top it off and test. Check for and fix leaks. If the transmission fluid level is full and has a dark color it may be in need of a rebuild.

Feb 182018

Ford Explorer

I just pressed a new rear bearing and hub. Now my rotor wont go on. When I line up the holes with the lugs, it hits on one of the arms that the caliper mounts to.

Hub bearing installation problem

My first thought would be that the NEW hub is different from the old hub. Did you look at them side by side and make certain they matched? This should be done prier to installation. Was the NEW hub pressed in further than the old one? Is this the same rotor that was on the vehicle before? If so, it should fit just fine unless there is an issue with the NEW hub.

Rear Hub Bearing Replacement

rear hub bearing replacement

Removal and Installation

CAUTION: Suspension fasteners are critical parts because they affect performance of vital parts and systems and their failure can result in major service expense. A new part with the same part number must be installed if installation becomes necessary. Do not use a replacement part of lesser quality or substitute design. Torque values must be used as specified during reassembly to make sure of correct retention of these parts.
1.Remove the wheel knuckle.
2.Remove the 3 brake disc shield bolts. •To install, tighten to 8 Nm (71 lb-in).

hub bearing press diagram

3.Using the special tool and a suitable press, remove the wheel hub.
4.Remove the snap ring.
5.Using a suitable press and adapters, remove the wheel bearing.
6.To install, reverse the removal procedure.
7.Install the wheel knuckle.

Feb 172018

2007 Ford Fiesta Zetec Diesel

My car has been stood for a couple of weeks and now I can’t move it. It feels like the breaks are stuck on. Could it be that the breaks have seized? If that is the problem what would I expect to pay for vehicle recovery and repair, obviously this would be a ball park figure.

Brakes are stuck on

It is possible that the brakes are seized. If it is just the park brake, you should be able to move the vehicle is reverse a bit easier. Or possibly rock it forward and backward a few times. The brakes shouldn’t be too seized in just a couple of weeks. If the engine revs when you put it in gear, then it may be a transmission issue instead.

Cost of recovery would depend on the company or individual that is towing the vehicle. And then at a worse case scenario for the brakes, it would include brake calipers, pads and rotors. Ball park $300 – $400(USD).