Feb 172011

so i  changed the timing belt in this car i just bought however it keeps misfiring and wont start. ive changes the distributor cap, rotar, plugs, wires, and ive checked the coil and changed the igniter ive tried to use starting fluid in the carb however it blows back up once i try to start it does anyone have any suggestions?????? thanks

Dec 182010

I have a problem i have a honda civic eg6 sir it has a v-tec controller and my little boy mucked about with it wen i wasnt looking and all the settings are now wrong and is not running properly i think its now over fueling and not revving proberly and juttering when you go to drive it so I have just parked it up i was wondering if you know factory settings i could put in or if u would no where i could find the cars original port for the ecu to plug into would be so I could take it out all together?

Jun 132010

Ok,I have a 1992 honda civic 4dr dx with 93k on in. The following has been replaced: head gasket, timing belt, water pump, 02 sensor, distributor, plugs wires, cap and button, map sensor, exhaust, main relay, and ECM. Car is not blowing any codes and runs when it wants to. When it does run it runs great for a couple of days and then it will start by cutting out a couple of times and before you know it quits running all together. Will start back up after a while but will only Idle, and stall as soon as you touch the throttle or put it in gear

Jun 052010
1997 Honda Accord 4-cyl VTEC engine light is on. Autozone diagnostic tester displayed these possible errors/causes:
P0401 – EGR insufficient flow, possible EGR Valve, blocked EGR passages in engine;

P0171 – (1) Fuel system too lean bank 1 (Cly #1), large vacuum leak [I found a disconnected hose between valve cover (Cyl#1) and air intake], (2) Fuel system concern, (3) Ignition system concern, (4) MAF sensor faulty, (5) HO2S/AF ratio sensor fault.

P0453 – (1) Sensor circuit high voltage, (2) Open or short circuit condtion, (3) Poor electrical condition, (4) Faulty FTP sensor.

I don’t know where these sensors are located and whether I should change them out if other possible causes might produce the same errors. I found a hose disconnected between the valve cover at #1 Cyl and the air intake.

Can someone shed some light on what might be wrong and how I should proceed?


I looked for vacuum leaks and found a hose disconnected at the #1 Cyl valve cover. The other end was connected to the air intake cover. If I knew where the sensors in question are, I might be able to check the wiring and do some continuity and voltage checks.