Dec 282009

California: 1991 Honda Accord SE, A/T




































New O2 sensor, ran Seafoam, cleaned egr and ports, Egr function properly, Aftermarket CAT 2yrs old, CAT passed backpressure test and no rattling or smell, cleaned IAVC screen.

NOx levels dropped to low 900’s on pretest after cleaning egr ports. Still a hundred to high

Any ideas? Additives? Tricks to pass?

Dec 272009

hi i have a 2007 civic that i did a remote start in. i hooked up parking lights to a red positve wire at the steering column. turns out its an illumination wire and i think i burned a circuit because now the lights on the heater, shifter, and steering wheel controls dont light. where can i trace that circuit to?

Dec 262009

My 91 accord was running well but didn’t pass smog (high nox). So as many forums suggested I cleaned out the EGR runner ports and passages. I cleaned the ports with a drill bit by hand and the passages with a thin wire. 5 ports plugged solid and one had a small clearance and surprisingly the only problem was a slightly high idle and of course a failed smog. I vacuumed out the debris with a hose that fit right in the hole. I know it is clean because I could hear the vacuum coming from the other ports.

The problem is now my car starts with a low idle when cold. What I mean is the car starts with 750 rpm, which is what is should be at once warm. The idle will bounce and usually die after a minute. Or if I try shifting gears it will stall too. After restarting a couple time the rpm’s will start to rise and I can go on my way. Then the car runs great again. I had to remove the IACV to clean the ports but left all hoses connected and just moved it aside. I wiped the screen inside clean as it was slightly dirty. What could cause this? Did I possibly damage something?

P.S. Would the clean ports lower my NOx enough(400ppm)to pass smog?

**15mph – Max 799 – Actual 1206**
**25mph – Max 738 – Actual 1211**

Please help me figure this out ASAP!!

Dec 232009

i have a 97 honda civic with a b-16 a engine i got gas at a local 76 station got the car home a mile or 2 away and it died i tried to start it and it sounded like it was out of gas but it wasnt it also was spitting out alot of smoke whitish blue smoke,so i checked my plugs they have gas on them and checked them to see if they have spark they do i checked the rail/filter still good?so i turned to the gas i drained some out it is bright yellow?i went to the station it is also yellow so i dont know if conaco phillips uses yellow gas im not used to that.but my neighbor who also got gas from the station his car also died the same i think its the gas if there is any input you could give me it would be much thinkin plugs wires filter new gas etc..cause it looks like the plugs were fouled is there any input on the yellow gas lol thanks

Dec 212009

1991 Accord, A/T

I failed my smog and only have a few days to fix it before my temp tags expires! I am in CA so the smog is tough here.

My NoX emissions were high:
15mph – Max 799 – Actual 1206
25mph – Max 738 – Actual 1211

I was also told my timing was off – High RPM. However I checked my timing which looks right on target as well as the RPM at idle sitting right at 800.

So now I need help to pass Smog ASAP. The Cat is working fine and it has a new O2 sensor. The EGR was replaced with a used one which fixed the CEL code 12 it had before.

The car was warmed up with a 20mile drive, I have cleaned the engine with seafoam, new radiator and fresh coolant.

Any idea how to lower that last few hundred PPM?

Dec 142009

My 91 Accord has the “Anti Lock” light on. When I bought the car it was missing the ALB relay, so I replaced it and the light still comes on within 1 minute of starting.

I keep reading there is a service connector for the ALB, where is it? can I use a jumper on the connector under the pass. seat instead of the “ALB checker” honda has? Please help me get started. I just need to pull the code to know what to check.

Dec 092009

I have a 91 accord with automatic seatbelts. The motor and track have been replaced and still no luck on the passenger side. (driver side works) I am testing the wiring harness to the seat belt computer. I have seen when the seat belt motor is activated that the driver’s side wire to the motor receives a 12v signal where it plugs in to the computer and the passengers does not. Being that the wires powering the computer are working which then send the power to the motor when activated. Would that mean the computer is broken or would a bad passenger side signal wire still be the cause?

Dec 022009

I have a 1991 Honda Accord SE, automatic trans with a #12 code which is a generic EGR code. I have manually cleaned the EGR valve, used seafoam, vacuum and manually tested it. The valve holds a vacuum and the engine stutters slightly when egr is applied during idle. So from what I know that means the valve is good and the ports are clear.

The part that I am hesitant on is how much should the engine stutter when I apply the egr during idle? Mine is an audible difference but not close to stalling. Could the ports still be the cause? How can I test if the EGR is receiving vacuum while driving? I know the EGR is only applied when up to temp and speed. Is there a way to test at Idle? Can I apply brake and rev engine slightly while someone else checks the hose for vacuum? Any help to clear this code would be great!!!