Sep 172015

while driving my 2007 Automatic Transmission Mazda 6 sport gt on the highway and i accelerate abruptly the rpm is getting to a high number like 7000 but the car isn’t accelerating,it feels like i am driving a manual transmission car and i stepped on the clutch all the way and accelerated.What do you think is the problem and how it should be fixed?

Sep 102015

I am missing 2 bolts on the flange from the manifold to the exhaust pipe. What is the thread pattern and length of the bolt so I can replace them?

Jul 302015

Went for a RWC and one of the listed said I need to get windscreen sandblasted, could you please explain this request?

Jul 282015

my car will cut in and out while i drive not all the time i have no check eng light on i have replaced the coil pac and wires i have looked at all my vacum lines and do no see a loose hose sometimes i have noticed it will idle at 1000 rpms after a long drive. it cut in and out ussaly around 40 to 55 mph. ive had a tranny guy and a mechanic look at it no one noe what it is. fuel pressure test was good and some days it doesnt do it but now its hot out side it seems to do it every drive if it cuts out meaning it will drop a rpm if i give it gas it will stop doing it

Jul 012015

My Mazda has 120000 on it and I am moving to Portland OR. It’s 2000 miles through a lot of mountains. It’s a V6 Ford transmission. Can this transmission with the weight of the car make it?

Jul 012015

Car is not running needs the catalytic converter fixed. Is this something that is expensive? im buying this car and its cheaper because of this issue, is it worth buying?

May 062015

My car acts like it doesn’t want to go over 35 mph, and it won’t go past 3000 rpm. Sometimes it acts like I’m not pushing on the gas pedal. Then sometimes the rpm will keep going up, but the speed of the car will continue to reduce. While the car is in neutral or park, the rpm’s won’t go past 2000. After I get it about a mile down the road it will start going faster.

Apr 232015

Description of Problem: 1995 Mazda b4000 v6 4×4 rough idle to the point where engine jumps but does not shut off when the accelerator is pushed the problem stops it only happens accelerator is not pressed. At stop lights in park etc. Replaced throttle position sensor and egr pressure sensor and the problem still persists. Could this be the egr valve causing this? Check engine light codes read p0402 p1121 p0102 p0174 p0171