Jul 292014

My son owns a 2006 mercedes-benz with an automatic door lock problem on the right front passenger door. All other doors work fine, when the transmission is in drive and you start to move forward all other doors work just fine EXCEPT the right front door. That door will chatter several times and sometimes end up in the locked position and other times in the unlocked position.


I think the problem exist in the solenoid or module which mechanically operates the lock mechanism. Is that part replaceable by itself? What is the part number of the part? I am looking for a diagnosis, suggestions, any and all help that you may give me. Thank you , schaffer81

Jun 132014


I drive a 2014 Mercedes Benz CLA 250, which I bought in January, I find a gradually worsening problem with its transmission, with poor throttle response and lumpy and jerky shifts under some hard acceleration. When I showed it to the dealer the first time, they denied finding any problems, however, they seemed to have reset the transmission and it worked, but after a few hours of driving, it went back to being erratic. I, now, also hear and feel a light metallic clunk during downshifts and it has steadily gone worse in terms of throttle response, be it in the ECO mode or Manual mode, Sport mode is ok (probably, due to the high revs, I cant very easily distinguish poor response).

I have read in reviews that the car is lazy in ECO mode, but my car shows a distinct and noticeable lag in throttle response (0.3-0.5 sec) even from stop, same with reverse, it needs a little more than a push to the pedal to get into motion. I have complained about this to different dealers, but they all deny any problems and insist that the car is functioning as designed. I didnt have any problems for the first month after purchase, so I was very happy with its performance then.

How can I determine if this is really a problem in my car, please advise? FYI, the fuel economy seems OK (25-27 mixed driving), but I believe that is because I am very light footed with the accelerator now, as it doesn’t offer any fun, driving normally. I can provide more details of the problem if needed.


Apr 262014

1999 clk430 150,000 well maintained. A few mornings ago when I tried to start my car it started then turned off two different times before it finally stayed on. it did that again later that afternoon when I left class. Then, that evening I was driving and out of nowhere it just felt like the engine switched to a lower gear. I pulled over and put it in park, then took off again. But she wouldn’t go above 25 or so. I’m not mechanically inclined, so its hard for me to describe this. Does anybody have an idea of what might be wrong? Approx $$?