Nov 022010

Just got a 99 Merc. C-280 it came with no manual, changed the spark plugs, to give it a tune up, it is still sluggish, got it checked, coil pack #2 bad, if I am looking down at the engine where would coil pack #2 be located, also could it be possible that if the codes were not properly cleared out, can the computer cause the same problem, and or if  the CEU is bad can it effect one or more coil packs, or would a DIO identify that the computer is bad.

Thanks to all who can help with this….

Oct 152009

I have a 1998 CLK320 with 65,000 miles. For the first 20-30 minutes after starting the car, when the car is in drive but I am completely stopped, the car has a very loud idle and strong vibration. As soon as I step on the gas or put the car into park or reverse, the noise and vibration stops. After 20-30 minutes it stops and idles normally with no vibration. What could be causing this? I am getting a little nervous, on some days the vibration and noise is really bad. Thanks