Hub Bearing Testing 2002 Toyota Prius

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Jan 092018

2002 Toyota Prius

Had a vibration in left front wheel. It was loose lug nuts. Fixed that. Vibration/knocking has returned. Only happens when I let off accelerator, but goes away if I brake. Also after turning left the steering wheel slightly catches when turning back to the right. Going to try to fix at home as funds are tight. Just not sure where to start.

Hub Bearing Testing

First of all it might be good to note what might have caused the front lug nuts to come loose. Second, what might have been under stress while driving it around with the vibration. From what you have stated and knowing the common causes for this issue I would start by looking at the front hub bearings. If it turns out there is play in the bearing it will need to be replaced. This requires removal of the entire steering knuckle and having the hub  and bearings removed and installed with a press.

Hub Bearing Testing

Front Hub Removal – 2002 Toyota Prius

Jan 062018

1999 Toyota Hilux

Will not go into 1st or 2nd gear. Other 3 gears working but gear stick seems very loose when 4th

Is this a manual shift or Automatic? Also how is reverse functioning?I am going to assume it is a manual shift transmission.  There are a couple of possibilities that come to mind. One, the shift lever bushing may be worn. Removal of the shift lever and inspection would be necessary to confirm this.

Shift Lever Removal

shift lever removal 1999 toyota hilux

My 2nd thought would be the clutch master/slave cylinders are worn out and not functioning properly. A quick test would be to see if you can shift into these gears when the engine is OFF. If you can shift into these gears with the engine is off but not with it running, then you have confirmed the clutch master and or slave(release) cylinders are faulty.

Clutch Release Cylinder

clutch slave cylinder

Clutch Master Cylinder

clutch master cylinder

Nov 232017

1998 Toyota Corona

Jerks backward uncontrollably

My 1998 Corona Exiv rolls for a bit when in reverse, then stops suddenly even though the accelerator is still depressed. It eventually jerks backward uncontrollably for a few meters. Then responds to the brake pedal being depressed. This problem doesn’t occur when the car is in Drive.

This sounds to me like a transmission related issue. The first thing to check would be the transmission fluid level.

If the fluid level is low, top it off and retest several times. While checking the fluid if the color appears dark or burnt looking it may be too late. Burnt color fluid is an indication of worn internal material.

Oct 232017

2008 Toyota Yaris

What does it take to repair a right turn signal that won’t self-cancel?

Turn Signal Switch Removal

Replacing the combination switch assembly will be required. This will require the removal of the steering wheel pad and wheel. Then removing the upper and lower column covers.

steering wheel removal 2008 Toyota Yaris

  • Disengage the clamp indicated by the arrow in the illustration.
  • Remove the turn signal switch assembly with spiral cable from the steering column assembly.

turn signal removal diagram 2008 Toyota Yaris

Sep 182017

2009 Toyota Corolla

I need a ignition switch replacement diagram for the above car. please email it to me to:

Ignition Switch Removal




Wait at least 90 seconds after disconnecting the cable from the negative (-) battery terminal to disable the SRS system.








ignition switch diagram 2009 Toyota Corolla

Ignition Switch Installation

  1. Install in reverse order
Sep 112017

Toyota Corolla

I am having a few issues that popped up all at once.  I got a few recalls fixed on the car march 30th for the spiral cable and power window something? And then finally the airbag recall fixed a few weeks ago. The problem I’m having, car has 60 thousand miles on it. I was driving it and all of a sudden, the speedometer, tachometer stopped working. Along with those issues the airbag light, abs light, power steering light, and the break light came on all at once. Ive taken it in 3 separate times to different shops and keep getting the run around about it. They cant read it. Either the reader they used is too old and doesn’t read our car or its the actual car. I believe its either the instrument cluster and/or the speed sensor. However, I’m unsure of what would cause the airbag light to come on and am coming to the conclusion that the spiral cable wiring replaced during the recall wasn’t done properly. I cant think of any other reason why that would happen. I need to get it fixed before we ship it on order. The problem with that is we are oconus and the servco Toyota has a stand by of literally weeks. orrrr I have to make an appointment a month and half out?! and needs shipped end of this month. any ideas would be much appreciated!!! its a great car. never had any isssues the 2 years weve had it till now. would love to keep it especially since it has such low miles.

Multiple dash lights on

Need to get it into a facility that has the updated equipment that is able to read the codes. Or you could purchase your own scan tool and do it yourself. Without the codes you would just be throwing money at it. If you are concerned with the previous work you may want to contact them and allow them the chance to take a look at it.

Jul 202017

1999 Toyota 4Runner

I have replaced the thermostat and gasket and I am trying to replace the water outlet gasket also. There is a metal bar across the housing of the water outlet that is the L and R fuel line for the injectors. I need to be able to move that line in order to get to the housing and replace the gasket. How can I do that?


  • Be careful not to drop the injectors when removing the delivery pipes.
  • Pay attention to put any hung load on the injector to and from the side direction.
  1. Remove the 4 bolts and delivery pipes together with the 6 injectors.
  2. Remove the 4 spacers from the intake manifold.
  3. Pull out the 6 injectors from the delivery pipes.
  4. Remove the 2 O-rings and insulator from each injector.

Fuel rail 1999 Toyota 4runner


Jun 262017

Toyota Avalon

Wiper motor problem

I have a 2004 Avalon XLS with wiper motor problem. The intermittent speed does not work. I have had the motor replaced 4 times and the problem occurs with each motor. Oddly, the replacement motor number 2 would not work intermittently at first but after several weeks of use it just started to work. Then several months later the motor just stopped working. The repair shop replaced the motor again two more time but I still have no intermittent speed.

Here is another twist, when I last had to use the wipers, they occasionally would not shut off until I turned off the car. When I I turned the controls on the wiper arm switch to off but it kept running. Should I return it again to the repair shop? Is the problem is not with the motor but the switch or some other controller?

I would think the problem would be in the combination switch if not in the motor. It is about the only thing left other than the wiring harness itself.

Wiper Motor Wiring Diagram 2004 Toyota Avalon