Apr 242010

Yesterday my car wouldn’t start after i drove it and tried to restart after sitting for less than a minute. Then after 20 minutes it started right up. Then i drove it home and the same thing happened. The next morning it started right up too. When i cranked it when it wouldn’t start, the battery sounded like it would turn over but just didn’t quite make it

Also, the emissions light started coming on a few days before this happened. Connection?
Nov 202009

Hello all.

 I was driving my car tonight on the motorway when the oil light came on and started flashing. The next thing there was a knocking noise and then and bang and something fell off (which we found out on the hardshoulder was the exhaust!!) Anyway the next thing the car just shut down and slowed down to the hardshoulder. It wouldent then start, any ideas would be greatly appricated.

 Thanks ben