P1000 - P1099 OBD II Diagnostic Codes

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P1500 - P1599 Numbered Code Identification Chart
 P1500 Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) (Mazda)
 P1500 Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) Intermittant (Ford)
 P1501 Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) Out Of Range (Ford)
 P1502 Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) Intermittant (Ford)
 P1505 Idle Air Control At Adaptive Clip (Mazda)
 P1506 Idle Air Control System Overspeed Error (Mazda)
 P1506 Idle Air Control System Overspeed Error (Ford)
 P1507 Idle Air Control System Underspeed Error (Mazda)
 P1507 Idle Air Control System Underspeed Error (Ford)
 P1508 Idle Air Control (IAC) System - Low RPM

Idle Air Control Valve Circuit Failure (Acura)

 P1516 Inlet Manifold Runner Control Input Error (Bank 1) (Ford)
 P1517 Inlet Manifold Runner Control Input Error (Bank 2) (Ford)
 P1518 Inlet Manifold Runner Control Stuck Open (Ford)
 P1519 Malfunction In IAC Valve Circuit (Acura)
 P1519 Inlet Manifold Runner Control Stuck Closed (Ford)
 P1520 Intake Manifold Runner Control (IMRC) circuit malfunction
 P1524 Throttle Position (TP) Sensor Learned Closed Throttle Angle Degrees Out-Of-Range
 P1527 Trans Range / Pressure Switch Comparison
 P1546 Air Conditioning (A/C) Clutch Relay Control Circuit (GM)
 P1549 Intake Manifold Control Circuit Malfunction (Ford)
 P1550 PSP Sensor Malfunction (Ford)
 P1554 Cruise Engaged Circuit High Voltage
 P1560 Cruise Control System-Transaxle Not in Drive
 P1564 Cruise Control System-Vehicle Acceleration too high
 P1566 Cruise Control System-Engine RPM Too High
 P1567 Cruise Control- ABCS Active
 P1570 Cruise Control System - Traction Control Active
 P1571 Traction Control System PWM Circuit No Frequency
 P1572 Brake Pedal Switch Circuit (Ford)
 P1574 EBTCM System- Stop Lamp Switch Circuit High Voltage
 P1575 Extended Travel Brake Switch Circuit High Voltage
 P1579 Park/Neutral to Drive/Reverse At high Throttle Angle
 P1585 Cruise Control Inhibit Output Circuit (GM)
 P1594 Charging System Voltage Too High (Chrysler)
 P1595 Speed Control Solenoid Circuits (Chrysler)
 P1596 Speed Control Switch always High (Chrysler)
 P1597 Speed Control Switch always Low (Chrysler)
 P1598 A/C Pressure Sensor Volts Too High (Chrysler)
 P1599 A/C Pressure Sensor Volts Too Low (Chrysler)
 P1599 Engine Stall or Near Stall Detected


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