I have a 1996 Chevy that keeps blowing the #9 (ECM, BATT, 20A) fuse. Can this be due to overheating fuel pump?

The answer is NO.


A fuse will blow for two reasons.

  1. If the device has a short in the circuit that runs through this fuse
  2. If the device draws more amperage from the power source through the fuse than the fuse can handle.

Example: if the fuel pump or starter has a 20 amp fuse and it is going bad and draws 30 amps, the fuse will blow. This keeps things form catching fire.

Troubleshooting the blown fuse issue

A fuel pump on a 1996 vehicle is located in the fuel tank and is kept cool by the surrounding gas along with the gas that flows through it. Overheating a fuel pump is virtually impossible.

That being said, there is a High probability that replacing the fuel pump and relay will fix the problem. It is quite common for this to occur in the GM vehicles manufactured in 1996. When the fuel pump starts to fail it draws an excessive amount of amperage and would blow the fuse.

car keeps blowing fuse
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