Check engine light is on and car performs well. Code is P1457

Code P1457 : Leak Detected In EVAP Control Sys.(EVAP Canister Sys.)

This is an emissions related code and will not effect the drive ability of your vehicle at anytime. This code can be set by leaving the car running while filling with gas, not getting the gas cap properly sealed, a faulty das cap or a very small vacuum leak in the evap system itself. The dealer has a machine that emits smoke into the evap system to locate such leaks. Most small shops do not have this machine because of its expense. Also once the code is set, even if you fix the problem, the light have to be turned off with a scan tool.

Code P1457 Possible causes

  • Missing Fuel cap
  • Incorrect fuel filler cap used
  • Fuel filler cap remains open or fails to close
  • Foreign matter caught in fuel filler cap

The P1457 code is detected when the EVAP system has a very small leak.

code p1457